Xpress Money

September 10, 2011

Xpress Money

Xpress Money LogoXpress Money is simply the fastest way you can send money to anywhere! The only instant money transfer service which gives you true value-for-money with agent locations near to you wherever you are, state-of-the-art technology for perfect ease of use, and dedicated support teams to ensure maximum reliability. Whatever be your reason to send money, Xpress Money takes pride in ensuring that it reaches its destination safely and in a matter of minutes! Powered by a strong network of agent locations spread across 5 continents.

Xpress Money is not just any ordinary money transfer. It’s money transfers with passion! Where you send not just money to your loved ones whenever and wherever they need it, but your love too. We ensure that your care for them is expressed fully through our personalized service. So whenever you need to send money fast and safe, don’t just send it, but ‘Xpress It’!

Xpress Money transactions are simple and fast. Whether you want to Send money or Receive money, we take care of it in 4 easy steps.

For more information, log on to: www.xpressmoney.com

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About UAE Exchange

We are a people's brand. That’s how we would like to be known and recognised as. Our penchant for quality and customer-centric approach to service has given us a stronger positioning of being the World’s Trusted Money Transferrer. But then what we offer to you, our esteemed customer, is much more. Today, the scale of our operations is big, so is our gamut of services. While our strong network spreads across five continents spanning 32 countries with over 700 direct offices, serving customers in different parts of the world, our range of services takes us beyond just remitting money. Our offerings span many unique services including Xpress Money, the global instant money transfer brand; Money2anywhere, the online instant money transfer portal; Smart Pay, the WPS-compliant industry-leading payroll solution; and Flashremit, the product for real time account credit. Explore further to discover the rich treasure trove of value addition.

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