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Tuesday, 01 November 2011
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What can one do to hold their own in a frenzied atmosphere where the media craving for public attention is endless? The one way that UAE Exchange chose is to provide excellent service so that the work will speak for itself. Also we have a benefit in the form of the brilliant vehicle called XMedia.

XMedia is an innovative Digital Signage Network installed across branches of UAE Exchange. It brilliantly clubs the features of television and the internet. The ingenuity of this multi-utility tool is that despite its excellent attributes, it is also cost-effective.
├»ÔÇÜ┬º Techno-savvy Advertisements
├»ÔÇÜ┬º Extensive Promotions
├»ÔÇÜ┬º Comprehensive Media & PR support
├»ÔÇÜ┬º Interactive response management
├»ÔÇÜ┬º Real time news updates

In a day, these sleek screens are observed by more than 80,000 customers of over 200 nationalities who walk-in to UAE Exchange branches. XMedia could be your tool to present your product to the world through the trusted associate UAE Exchange

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