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4 Tips to save money while shopping in a supermarket

Thursday, 11 May 2017
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Imagine youÔÇÖre walking into a supermarket for a pack of cookies. What are your odds of getting out of the store with just that? None.

Trust us, you are not the one to be blamed for this. The strategically placed wobbly signs, stickers, call outs and signboards begin playing their trick on your mind, the moment you enter the supermarket. These psychological games are sure to bust your family budget, anytime you enter and exit the shop.

So how do you fight the temptation, and save money while at a supermarket? Follow these simple tips.

Stick to your grocery list

This is one of the simplest ways, to not end up spending double or triple your budgeted amount on groceries. Prepare your shopping list at home and when you are in the supermarket, ensure you stick to the list. One easy method to come up with a thrifty grocery list is to craft a prudent weekly/monthly meal plan. Depending on the supplies needed for the meals, you can build the grocery list. If you are still tempted to make impulsive purchases, try reserving them for the next visit.

Be diligent about discounts and offers

Freebies, discounts and offers are key tricks supermarkets deploy to increase impulsive buying. Before tucking the bundled offers into your cart, ask yourself if you would have purchased them , if they werenÔÇÖt on offer, and think about the actual price difference. It does no harm to use your calculator to estimate the price difference and spend a couple of minutes to analyse if itÔÇÖs worth the buy. If you are still convinced about the purchase, then feel free to go ahead.

Supermarket Shopping

Shop with your tummy and ears full

Did you know that colourful fresh produce, appetizing bakery aroma and relaxing music are sensual stimulators that persuade you to shop more? They prompt you to dawdle around the aisle, eager to cart any food item that catches your eye. So to defy these temptations, you should always eat well before you head into the supermarket. This way you will be more stable, and buy only whatÔÇÖs necessary. Another economical move would be to go shopping alone with your earphones plugged onto loud, high tempo music, which will make you cruise through the aisles faster, thus saving time and money.

Use a prepaid card

One of the most effective ways to save money is to use a prepaid card to pay your bill. Since this isnÔÇÖt a credit card, you do not have exorbitant fee/ interest rates associated with the payment. You can just use it like cash, but without the disadvantages of carrying hard cash around.

Now are you ready to shop the smart way?