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5 reasons why international internship is good for you!

Monday, 17 April 2017
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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin.

ThatÔÇÖs what an international internship is all about. If you really want to stand out from millions of graduates, you need to be true to the old adage, that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. You need to get out of your cozy home and create your own opportunity by finding an international internship. In addition to gaining industry skills, youÔÇÖll also learn invaluable life skills from living abroad. It will help you grow personally and professionally.

Here are some more key reasons, why you should consider spending a semester interning in a different country.

Increase the market value of your resume

Interning abroad makes your resume a lot more desirable to employers. Employers prefer hiring people who have such broad experiences, since it ensures their employees have a great attitude, and are sensitive and comfortable while communicating across cultures. In short it increases your market value by several fold!

Learn unique skills

Interning abroad is an easy way for you to develop and learn additional skills. For people who are looking to expand their horizon and delve into fantastic careers, a stint abroad is exactly what they need.

International Internship is Good

Challenge yourself

ItÔÇÖs definitely easier interning from your home country than living abroad alone and working. Students who intern abroad are constantly challenging themselves to move out of their comfort zone and this trait will definitely be a bit hit with employers.

Develop a new perspective

Interning abroad opens up your mind and helps you think from a new perspective. This way, when you are employed back home, you can bring a lot of new ideas and concepts to the table, which will work in your favour.

Personal growth

Living and interning abroad will definitely make anyone more creative, flexible and broaden their horizon. Include with that the opportunity to learn new languages, and develop better social skills and youÔÇÖve got a winner here!

To get started, speak to the faculty or advisor in your college/university and work with them to get in touch with the proper contacts for international placement. Choose a reputable money service provider to take care of all your forex and money transfer needs and donÔÇÖt forget to get a travel card which can also work as your debit card.

So, is international internship good for you? In our books, itÔÇÖs a definite yes!

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