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6 Great student hangout spots in Dubai!

Thursday, 18 May 2017
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With wonderful amenities and opportunities, Dubai is definitely the perfect place for students who wish to fulfill their ambition. However life as a student in Dubai can be hectic, as is the case with every student around the world. This is why they need some ways to unwind and relax.

If you are a student living in Dubai, whether you are an expat or a resident, these are the places you will enjoy.

Yalla! Bowling

Even though there are several bowling alleys in Dubai, Yalla! Bowling stands out because of its state-of-the-art setup. It offers twelve bowling lanes along with video game arcades and pool tables ÔÇô a perfect place for students.

Bread Street Kitchen

Most students are on a fixed budget and stretching their dirhams to enjoy a good meal is often difficult. This is why Bread Street Kitchen is the perfect place for them. This restaurant offers affordable brunches and the atmosphere here is relaxing and enjoyable. They specialise in British cuisine and their menu serves a delectable choice of roasts and cold cuts.

student hangout spots n dubai

Hummingbird Bakery

If you have a sweet tooth that loves all things sugary, then this is your kind of place. Hummingbird Bakery offers scrumptious baked treats and every outlet is a perfect place for students to wind down and relax. Students can also be seen working on their assignments here while indulging in mouthwatering American treats.

The Archive Dubai

The Archive is a community space that focuses on art and Middle Eastern/North African culture in Dubai. ItÔÇÖs a calm and peaceful place, where students can gather to enhance their knowledge of literature and art, engage in workshops, learn yoga, or simply hang out, read a book and enjoy some yummy food and refreshing drinks.

VOX Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates

For movie buffs, VOX Cinemas is a treat! And, the best part, itÔÇÖs affordable too! This movie complex has 14 screens and students can hang out here on their days off binge watching movies and enjoying delicious snacks.


Are you a bookworm? Does reading books help you unwind, chill and lessen the stress of everyday college life? Then this is where you should go. BookMunch is a community caf├®, where you can curl up with a book and some comfort food.

Students will never have a dull moment while living and studying in Dubai. All you need is a travel card, which is so much better than carrying cash, and you are ready to enjoy Dubai, the student way!

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