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6 simple steps to prevent Hepatitis

Tuesday, 11 September 2018
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Did you know that Hepatitis A,B, C, D and E causes more number of deaths in the world as compared to HIV, malaria and tuberculosis? Yes, this virus that attacks the liver causing it to swell, and is the reason why so many people die across the world, across age groups.

So how can we make sure that we protect our loved ones and ourselves from it? On this International Hepatitis Day, letÔÇÖs strive to bring about a change in habits and lifestyle to end this viral Hepatitis curse!

There are a few simple steps you can take at home to prevent this deadly disease from touching your dear ones.

Educate yourself and your family

Knowledge is power! So get to know atleast the laymanÔÇÖs perspective about Hepatitis and its types. Learn how its spreads and also the causes behind Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E infection.

Get vaccinated

Vaccinations are an effective way to protect yourselves from contracting this deadly disease. There are vaccines available for the A and B type. No vaccines have been invented yet for C, D and E. However medical professionals opine that Hepatitis B vaccine can protect you from D also. Remember that you need to get vaccinated well before you contract this disease. If you get your shots after you are infected, there is absolutely no use.

World Hepatitis Day

Avoid unclean water

Hepatitis A and E is easily spread via contaminated food and water. So avoid water from potentially contaminated sources such as taps, public tanks etc. Always ensure you boil your water before you drink. Even for brushing your teeth, washing vegetables and fruits, you must use clean water.

Consume fresh warm food

Always ensure that the food you consume is freshly prepared and kept covered till consumption. Never eat food thatÔÇÖs open and has flies and mosquitoes hovering over them. These cause food contamination and acts as an effective source and transmitter of Hepatitis infections.

Wash hands regularly

Frequent washing of hands and using a safe hand sanitiser, helps prevent Hepatitis A and E. Right after you come back from work, rest room, play or after any other job, always wash your hands. Never touch your food without washing your hands with a good soap. ItÔÇÖs very important that you develop this habit amongst your family members, especially children.

Never share personal items
Personal care and grooming items that may carry traces of body fluids must never be shared with others. Do not share even if they belong to your close family members, such as your spouse or child. This includes the usage of toothbrushes, razors, combs, towels, handkerchiefs etc. These are highly potent transmitters of Hepatitis.

Avoid toxins such as alcohol, OTC medications such as acetaminophen, herbal supplements that contain metals etc. These can be hard on your liver and result in Hepatitis infection.

Now that you are aware of the simple steps to avoid Hepatitis, it is now your duty to raise awareness and to influence a real change!

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