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Unleash the power of giving!

Monday, 05 September 2016

There is nothing more gratifying than a single act of charity.

Below are proven facts about the power unleashed when you are of help to others.

  • Helping others extends your lifespan
  • Altruistic acts result in positive ripples
  • Extending a helping hand eases our inner pain
  • You get a sense of purpose and satisfaction

On this International Day of Charity, UAE Exchange encourages the act the helping, that could be as simple as sharing a smile, appreciating a co-worker, listening patiently while someone vents their feeling, teaching a skill, making a donation or lending your voice.

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, start now. What can you do to help?


Are you elated about having bagged admission in a foreign university?

Well congratulations! YouÔÇÖve won yourself the opportunity to broaden your mind, develop cultural empathy and to gain a better understanding of the world, in addition to access to world-class academics.

Stepping out of your cozy home for education could be a bit unnerving at times. However, put your anxiety in the back burner and follow our tips to make your educational stay an enjoyable experience.

Tips for students studying abroad

1 Do your research

Before embarking on your journey, do a thorough research about your campus, accommodation options, student associations, extra-curricular activities, hang out spots and most importantly the culture of the region. The more prepared you are, the better it is for you!

2 Learn the vernacular

Take up free online tutorials to learn the basics of the vernacular language of the country youÔÇÖre moving to. Though English helps in several places, your chances of winning favours increases when you speak your host nationÔÇÖs native language.

3 Be culture sensitive

Respect cultural nuances or you might run the risk of getting into even legal trouble. When on campus or outside, blend in to add a flavourful edge to your stay.

4 Socialise with all

Though it feels secure to fraternise with students from your homeland, you never learn anything out of it. Infact it only builds on your existing prejudice. Hence, socialise with students from other nationalities and youÔÇÖll be surprised how your prejudice just melts away. YouÔÇÖll learn a great deal about people, their customs and perspectives. Join fraternity and sorority houses to up your networking for better academic and social life. This is the true purpose of travelling abroad to study.

5 Manage money wisely

Get a multi-currency prepaid travel card designed for international students. There are several prepaid cards such as Gocash that allow you to manage POS purchases, online payments, ATM withdrawals and even utility bill payments. You or your parents can load and reload 6 out of 16 world currencies.

Choose a reputable money transfer operator, for you to receive money, such as UAE Exchange, that offers bank transfer, instant money transfer and online money transfer services.

Go ahead, get rid of all your inhibitions and become a world-class student!

Au Revoir Rio!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Best moments at worldÔÇÖs most celebrated sport event, hosted at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has taught us to never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit.

Now read below for the top 10 highlights from worldÔÇÖs biggest sport event.

  1. United States, Great Britain and China ranked 1, 2 and 3 in this yearÔÇÖs Olympics, winning 121, 67 and 70 medals respectively.
  2. Monica Puig from Puerto Rico, won the first gold medal in womenÔÇÖs singles in tennis.
  3. SingaporeÔÇÖs Joseph Schooling beat Michael Phelps, the most successful Olympic athlete & wins gold in 100m butterfly in swimming. Interestingly, this is 8 years after Schooling met Phelps whom he claims to be his idol!
  4. Rafaela Silva won BrazilÔÇÖs first gold in the 57 kg division of Judo.
  5. Brazil won its first ever gold medal in soccer.
  6. UKÔÇÖs Brownlee brothers won gold and silver in the triathlon event. Alistair, the elder Brownlee, is in fact the first athlete to win successive Olympic triathlon titles.
  7. South African Wayde van Niekerk set world record of 43.03 smashing Michael JohnsonÔÇÖs record of 43.18 in menÔÇÖs 400 m track event.
  8. 27 world records were set in archery, athletics, modern pentathlon, track cycling, shooting, swimming and weightlifting.
  9. Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt said goodbye to the Olympics by winning an unprecedented 'triple triple' signifying his win in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay titles at three consecutive Olympic Games.
  10. Great BritainÔÇÖs 58-year-old show jumper Nick Skelton became the country's oldest medallist of the century, and the oldest champion at the Olympics this year.

braz RIO2016

South AmericaÔÇÖs crown jewel Brazil never ceases to captivate the onlooker with its exotic beaches, lush jungles, and sensational culture coupled with its love for sports! The fun-loving Brazilians play, compete and even host world-class sport events, making games an integral part of their life and culture.

Eat, sleep and breathe football

Invented by the English and perfected by the Brazilians, Football is BrazilÔÇÖs second religion. The holy land of legends such as Pel├®, Ronaldo, Adriano, Kak├í, Ronaldinho and Neymar, Brazil has one of the best Football teams in the world. The only national team to have won five FIFA (F├®d├®ration Internationale de Football Association)World Cup titles in four different continents, Europe , South America , North America and Asia, Brazil has over 13.2 million football players, not considering those who play merely for fun.

BrazilSports blog

Love to play volleyball

Another favourite game is the volleyball. The Brazil national volleyball team is the number one team on the FIVB (F├®d├®ration Internationale de Volleyball) World Ranking. This dream team has won two gold medals at the Olympic Games, three World Cups and nine World League championships.

Sweet fusion

Now comes BrazilÔÇÖs sweet baby Footvolley, the ultimate fusion of football and beach volleyball. This is now the fastest growing sport gaining recognition in countries with coasts such as UAE, US, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, South Africa etc. The other games Brazilians enjoy playing are basketball, auto racing, martial arts, etc. These national teams have won several noteworthy world championships too.

Sport events hosted

The prowess in the above mentioned games had earned Brazil the opportunity to host internationally acclaimed sport events such as the Brazilian Grand Prix, FIFA Confederation Cup (2013), FIFA World Cup (1950 and 2014), Military World Games (2011) and the Olympic and Paralympic Games (2016). Brazil had also organised the IV Pan American Games (1963), XV Pan American Games (2007) and FIBA (F├®d├®ration Internationale de Basket-ball) World Cup (1954 and 1963).

BrazilÔÇÖs love for sports and games is a deep and memorable one, making it an affair to remember!

Hunt down the hidden camera!

Thursday, 04 August 2016

Recently a foreign national in UAE was arrested for installing a secret camera shaped like a coat hanger inside the bathroom of his female flatmates. Repulsive isnÔÇÖt it?

ItÔÇÖs certainly creepy when you find you are watched by a stranger while in your personal space. Originally intended for the good cause of surveillance and crime prevention, hidden cameras have now crossed all private boundaries. Organised criminal networks and perverts have installed their spy cameras and bugs in hotel rooms, trial rooms (retail outlets), and offices for illegal agendas such as blackmailing and trafficking. The scariest part is that the spy cameras are mostly immune to manual detection as they are sometimes as small as mustard seeds. Usually masquerading as mirrors, clocks, flower pots, smoke detectors, power adapters, pens, chargers and even plug points, the spy cameras have now rampantly invaded our personal spaces.

Hidden Camera Detection Blog
So, how do you save yourself and your family from being victimised by this technological misfire? WeÔÇÖll help you out with simple tips using which you can easily detect them.

Walk the talk

Tour the hotel room, literally to every corner while speaking on your mobile phone. If your conversation is interrupted by the buzzing electromagnetic interference, there is a possibility of some spy camera placed.

Go the mobile app way

You can download and use mobile apps to detect any hidden cam action. Apps such as Hidden Camera Detector and Glint Finder give you the advantage of using your camera as a detector at a nominal cost.

Invest in a detector device

Our generation is exposed to advanced wireless hidden cameras and bugs that could escape any manual detection. Hence it is a wise decision to invest in a pocket friendly anti-spyware bug detector available in the market from as low as $7 and odd. You could carry it in your handbag while you travel or shop. Go by your gut feel and if you sense any suspicious situation, take your detector out and confirm the same before reporting the incident.

Open your eyes and ears

When checking into your hotel room or in a trial room, look for unusual placement of objects, holes or black dots on the wall, tiny glints of light and soft whizzing or clicking sounds. You can also turn off the all the light in the room to spot any red/ green LED flickers. Though not a fool-proof cam detection method, it certainly helps.

Never let anyone in the premises know youÔÇÖre looking for or have found spy cameras or bugs. Quietly report the activity along with the saved GPS based images of the hidden cameras to the police and other investigative authorities.

Trust your instincts, follow your heart and put an end to this bane!

8 Tips to Stay Fit at Office

Tuesday, 02 August 2016

In today's hectic life, people spend most of their active time (sitting) at work. So let's fit in our fitness regime inside your working hours for a healthy body, mind and soul.

Workplace Fitness

Pokémon Go, the GPS based augmented reality game has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. Its presence in android and apple devices has driven people across all age groups into a wild frenzy. Trashing the popular belief that mobile gaming creates isolated, obese couch potatoes with learning disabilities, Pokémon encourages exercise, social interaction and fun.

Apart from the strategising and training, there are 3 key life values that we can take away from this game.


Get of your shell

Pokémon Go teaches you that, to achieve anything in life, you’ll have to get out of your shell and physically invest your time and energy smartly. This game encourages you to learn about your locality and venture out.

Patience Pays

Another valuable lesson you can learn is that, you’ll have to toil and be patient for anything good to happen. For example, to hatch the Pokémon eggs, you’ll have to walk for atleast 2 to 5 kms and wait until the babies come out.

Unity is strength

Pokémon emphasises the importance of bonding and social interaction. Families and friends playing will have to go out together to lure and capture the Pokémon!
Remember, it’s never advisable to play Pokémon Go while driving or in dark, isolated areas. Keep your eyes and ears open to your surrounding while you enjoy the game.

Any value, you’ve learnt from Pokémon Go?

Can you spare 67 minutes?

Monday, 18 July 2016

The first president of free South Africa, Mr. Nelson Mandela began his inspiring journey 67 years ago. He played a major role in putting an end to apartheid and all forms of racism while striving to restore human rights, dignity and peace in South Africa.

To show our solidarity to this great leader, let’s devote 67 minutes i.e. one minute from every year of Mr. Mandela’s public service to help fight poverty, promote peace and reconciliation. Here are some ideas for spending your 67 minutes (or duration of your choice) fruitfully.

  • Distribute food and necessities to the less privileged
  • Spend time with children affected with life - threatening diseases
  • Donate blood and register to become an organ donor
  • Raise money by using your skills and donate the proceeds to the needy
  • Speak and reconcile with people you’ve had altercations with

As Mr. Mandela would say, you have the power to transform the world with a formidable combination of a good heart and head!

So how are you planning to make a difference on this special day?

Nelson Mandela Day

Are you the type that works extra hours and yet lags behind at work?

Then follow these simple strategies to enhance your productivity and optimise your work life, so that you become a happy forerunner at work.

Declutter and Simplify

Saying goodbye to messy everything is the first step towards productivity enhancement. Clutter distracts and weighs you down giving rise to a chaotic and stressful situation.

Hence, begin clearing up your workstation by parting ways with unused, non-motivational objects on the desk. Restrict yourself and unsubscribe from unwanted magazine subscriptions, RSS and social media feeds. Organise and create a process for routine activities so that you can focus your energy on the really important ones.

workplace productivity

Focus on the Critical 20%

The first 20% of your time in a project yields 80% of the intended results (according to Pareto Principle). Hence, don’t be tempted to keep working on a project forever. For enhanced productivity, solicit feedback from your boss when 20% of the time passes, so that you can steer your work in the right direction before investing too much time in it. Cut down on tasks that are wasting your time and begin leveraging that critical 20% to the fullest.

Work Less

It’s true! Statistics show that a person who slogs around 70 hours a week actually gets the same amount of work done as a person who smartly works for only 55 hours. So work less and smart to get more done!

Work in bursts, dividing your time between complete rest, focus and recharge. This methodology keeps your energy focussed and saves time.

Socialise with Awesome People

Make sure you surround yourself with inspiring, positive and happy people. You will find that their contagious cheer creates positive vibes. These great vibes provide you with an optimistic edge over other team members. No one likes a grumpy neighbour at work.

Learn strategies to cope up when things don’t go your way sometimes. Remember, never fraternise with naysayers, mourners and complainers.

Take the help of technology

With smartphones around 24x7, you can deftly organise your life and increase productivity using mobile apps. Evernote is a useful app that lets you prioritise and organise your schedules using voice reminders, pictures and videos. Try Focus Booster app if you are looking to stay focussed and reduce mental exhaustion while engaged in brain-racking tasks. To create, document, discuss, and organise your work, use the Quip app.

Making prioritisation a priority, follow your brain (yes, not your heart) and work smart during your peak performance period. Finally believe in your abilities and give the world or rather yourself your very best!

Specialty Iftar Delicacies

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Over 1.7 billion Muslims across the world enjoy sumptuous Iftar at sunset, during Ramadan. Apart from the dates, nuts, juices and soups, every country has its own irreplaceable, must-try specialty.

Now let’s peek into the Iftar delicacies from around the world!

Specialty Iftar Delicacies

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