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Money Majlis, the popular annual promotion, from UAE Exchange, launched for 2012. 101 exciting prizes await customers, who conduct money transfer or other financial transactions at UAE Exchange branches in Bahrain, between 1st August and 31st October, 2012. Prizes include an SUV and total cash worth 1,000,000 in payout currencies.

Money Majlis Bahrain

Sending money from any UAE Exchange branch in Bahrain can win our customers an SUV and more! The leading global remittance and foreign exchange brand presents the 2012 edition of Money Majlis, one of its most popular promotions. Customers, who send money or make other financial transactions at any of the UAE Exchange branches in the Kingdom of Bahrain, will qualify for the draws. Apart from an SUV in the mega draw, a total amount of cash worth 1,000,000, in respective payout currencies, awaits 100 customers in three monthly draws. They will get the transacted amount back up to a maximum of 10,000 in their respective payout currencies. The promotion, which started on 1st August, will continue up to 31st October, 2012, and would emerge with 101 lucky customers chosen in three raffle draws, slated on 3rd Sept., 3rd Oct. and 5th Nov., respectively. The mega draw will also be on 5th Nov. 2012. UAE Exchange is conducting this popular promotion in association with Xpress Money, the leading global instant money transfer brand, with over 135,000 agent locations across 125 countries.

ÔÇ£UAE Exchange connects expatriates with their dear ones, across the globe, more passionately than anyone else.ÔÇØ said Mr. Deepak Nair, Country Head ÔÇô Bahrain Operations, UAE Exchange. ÔÇ£At UAE Exchange, we ensure that our promotions add value and raise the standards of our service further, by presenting the customers with greater qualitative experience. This promotion is one among the many, which we have lined up, round the year, for our esteemed customers in Bahrain. The prizes, which we offer are a small step towards making many dreams come true.ÔÇØ added Mr. Nair.

ÔÇ£We are extremely glad to announce another edition of the Money Majlis promotion.ÔÇØ, said Mr. Gopakumar Bhargavan, Chief Marketing Officer, UAE Exchange. ÔÇ£This all-community promotion is one of the oldest and most popular marketing promotions from UAE Exchange, offering customers high-value prizes. We are thankful to our associate, Xpress Money and our partners for making this 2012 edition more exciting for our dear customers.ÔÇØ, added Mr. Gopakumar.

Talking about the promotion, Mr. Pushpak Damania, Head - Business Development, MENA & AFPAK, Xpress Money, said, ÔÇ£As a brand, we look to be closely engaged with both our customers and our partners and we found Money Majlis to be the perfect combination of both. This yearÔÇÖs Money Majlis promises to be bigger and better for the customers and I am sure it will be well accepted. We hope that it will prove to be another successful customer promotion for our partner, UAE Exchange, in Bahrain.ÔÇØ

UAE Exchange, the first remittance brand to get an ISO certification in the Kingdom, offers this promotion across its 11 branches in Bahrain. The trusted money transfer partner, for millions of customers, has built a network of over 600 direct offices in 30 countries across five continents, which is the largest among remittance brands, globally. A strong correspondent relationship with over 150 leading global banks fortifies its strength.
For more information, visit

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Is salary payment a nightmare for you every month? While it is interesting and exciting to watch the business grow, when the number of employees grows with it, payroll management becomes a daunting task. Tedious paperwork, errors and backlogs haunt you out of peace. As you struggle on your way through, your employees may suffer with inconsistent and erroneous salary payment. So the situation is definitely not an advisable one for both parties.

As United Arab Emirates (UAE), in the past 30 years, witnessed great development on the economic front, many businesses mushroomed and employee base increased phenomenally. With the increase in manpower, authorities felt the need to streamline salary disbursal process which will reduce inconvenience to both employers and employees.

Towards this the UAE Ministry of Labour and UAE Central Bank together came up with a unique solution called Wage Protection System (WPS). This award-winning initiative was equipped to streamline salary disbursal issues. As per the GovernmentÔÇÖs vision it was mandatory for all corporate entities to be registered under WPS and to comply with its regulations, which protected the interests of both employees and employers.

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UAE Exchange Malaysia Celebrates Philippines Independence Day

As a mark of respect to the Filipino community, UAE Exchange Malaysia participated in the Philippine Independence Day celebrations, conducted by the Embassy of Philippines in Malaysia on June 9, 2013. The event witnessed participation from nearly 3000 Filipinos, business entities, and other organisations.

Giving more reason for celebration were UAE ExchangeÔÇÖs discount coupons for individuals sending money to Philippines. The coupons were distributed as a mark of appreciation for the trust that customers continue to bestow on UAE Exchange. Customers sending money to Philippines receive a 50% discount on their transactions by submitting the coupon at UAE Exchange branches.

The Independence Day event gave UAE Exchange an opportunity to further strengthen its bond with the Filipino community and create a foundation for long-lasting relationships.

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Xpress Money LogoMuscat: Xpress Money, one of the fastest growing global money transfer brands, recently announced a flat fee of RO1.70 for remittances of any denomination to India during Ramadan. This is among the lowest rate of money transfer fees among remittance service providers in the Sultanate of Oman.

By combining effective management of exchange rates and an affordable transfer fee of RO1.70, Xpress Money now offers one of the lowest rates to customers in Oman who send money to India. It is also among the few remittance services to offer a flat fee for any amount sent via its network from Oman to India.

Pushpak Damania, Head-Business Development for Mena Afpak, Xpress Money, said: "India is the largest remittance receiving market in the world with inward remittances upwards of $64 billion in 2011. Since it is such a high volume market, we are tapping into the efficiencies of scale that our extensive networks in Oman and India can generate and passing on the savings to our customers. The holy month of Ramadan stands for sharing with the community, so we thought why not share this initiative with our customers, at this special time. Affordable

This rate reduction highlights our commitment to make money transfer services more affordable and easily accessible to customers.-┬Ø Xpress Money has built a formidable pan-India network of 36,000 agent locations through tie-ups with leading banks, non-banking financial institutions and single agent locations.┬áIt has also invested in robust technology to enable secure, reliable and convenient access to remittances for customers. To broadcast its message of lowest pricing of a flat fee of RO1.70 to India, Xpress Money will launch a 360-degree marketing campaign in Oman.

Xpress Money has pioneered new standards in money transfer services since its establishment in 1999. It offers a bouquet of services to address varied customer demands in both evolved and evolving remittance markets in 'cash to cash', 'cash to bank account', cash to mobile', and 'online money transfer' categories. Xpress Money constantly innovates to bring homes closer for the growing expatriate community across the world.


Xpress Money launches campaign on safe remittance

Xpress Money, engaged in money transfer business, has launched a State-wide campaign to educate people, particularly families whose kin make remittances from abroad, about risks involved in ÔÇ£illegitimateÔÇØ means of money transfer.

In view of the fact that a large number of people make remittances in ÔÇ£unsafeÔÇØ ways, the money trading firm has decided to educate consumers about safe remittance practices and legal means of money transfer besides creating awareness about the brand.

Districts to be covered:
The campaign was formally launched on Wednesday with flagging off of a canter that would cover all major remittance locations like Karimnagar, Adilabad, East and West Godavari district.

Xpress Money global marketing and communications head Vinesh Nair who launched the campaign said the money transfer firm adopted below the line approach in the State to enable meeting customers at their locations. A large number of families who receive remittances from abroad were low on awareness about safe remittances and hence, the campaign to reach out the grass root level, he said.


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  [youtube=]Win free air tickets to your home country. UAE Exchange and Western Union have come together to organise the popular Fortune Fiesta contest. Customers, who send money between 20th October and 30th November, 2014 through Western Union from any UAE Exchange branch in the UAE, are eligible to participate in this contest. Ten winners get return air tickets, 20 winners receive iPhone 6 and 25 winners receive cash vouchers worth AED 2000 each.

For more information visit your nearest UAE Exchange branch in UAE or call 600 555 550 (Valid in UAE only)For call back service, send an SMS message to 6000 (both Etisalat and Du)

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Payroll Solutions

Sunday, 15 February 2015

From Sticky to ÔÇ£SmartÔÇØ - Corporate Payroll Transforms┬á

UAE Exchange shows you the way to transformation with its pioneering payroll solutions ÔÇö Smart Pay! Smart Pay adheres to governmental standards of regulation by following Wage Protection System (WPS). Government of the UAE, and Central Bank, UAE, introduced WPS to ensure elimination of setbacks in salary disbursals through stringent process streamlining, delivering thereby acute benefits to employees and employers alike.

Smart Pay continues to earn many credits and applauses; Smart Pay led the market in 2010 with its sheer performance in the volume of salary amounts released (results as disseminated by UAE Central Bank). 

Why ItÔÇÖs Smarter to Use Smart Pay┬á

For employers 

  • Implement a government-recognized payroll system┬á
  • Subscribe to a solution that employs superior technology for utmost speed and efficiency of information processing, and stringent data security┬á
  • Benefit from a solution with powerful features including:┬á
    • ┬áZero requirement for payroll account reconciliation
    • Easier processing of salary amounts with no claimers
    • Premium MasterCard member to ensure high efficiency of salary payouts
    • Flexible solution architecture for easier adaption to changes
    • Full-fledged guidance from well-informed personnel throughout your association with Smart Pay
    • Highly cost-saving┬á
  • Employ a payroll solution that has exceeded performance expectations continually┬á
  • Partner with one of the most trusted names in the world of financial business┬á
  • Impress your employees with ultra-professionalism and gain a competitive edge with Smart Pay!┬á

For employees 

  • Get salaries on time without any hassles┬á
  • Access UAE Exchange branches easily given the wide presence of the Brand in the UAE┬á
  • Obtain Smart Pay cards operable at UAE Exchange branches, and ATM points accepting MasterCard, to draw salary┬á
  • Draw cash using Smart Pay cards from Cash Dispensing Machines (CDM) installed at all UAE Exchange branches┬á
  • Avail multi-language capabilities of CDMs for effective guidance through salary withdrawal┬á
  • Forego encumbrances such as charges for salary account management and minimal balance maintenance┬á
  • Use Smart Pay cards on Point of Sale (POS) systems and purchase counters that accept MasterCard┬á
  • Benefit from insurance available till the point of salary release┬á
  • Interact with a friendly customer service team fluent in multiple languages for an enhanced Smart Pay experience┬á
  • Remit money immediately, if needed, through UAE Exchange remittance services available on spot┬á
  • Turn smart by utilizing the smarter way to get your salaries


To know more visit : Smart Pay


Corporate Remittance

Sunday, 15 February 2015


Redefining Speed, Efficiency and Security in Corporate Remittance


It is often essential for corporate entities to move money to different parts of the world to fulfil several business objectives including new ventures, investments, or other purposes. A remittance partner that provides the key advantages of speed, reliability, efficiency, and a great customer service, is a business-constructive asset that you, as a corporate, can benefit from, immensely.

Establish Business Leverage with UAE Exchange Remittance

As a remittance specialist, UAE Exchange has been defining and redefining standards in the field with its unconventional products that enable customers experience the exceptional in remittance. With our products, you can send money, from moderate to high-value amounts, to meet all your business requirements anywhere in the world.

You donÔÇÖt have to go through tedious time-consuming processes to get your money transfer process in motion. And more enticing is the speed of the transfers you make - you can get your money to reach anywhere within just minutes! Enriching the taste of the platter is the service pricing ÔÇö weÔÇÖre affordable.

With UAE Exchange, you transfer money in a jiffy to meet all your key business objectives, which empowers you with a sharp competitive advantage.

Choose from our Menu of Remittance Models

UAE Exchange remittance portfolio features different methods of money transfer. Choose options that fit your requirements. Send money worldwide by using:

  • Bank Credit
    • Transfer funds to corporate bank accounts located anywhere in the world
    • Send money using UAE ExchangeÔÇÖs unique Flash, which remits money in the destination bank account in seconds! Flash operates only in India.
    • Empower your remittance with the protection of advanced security protocols and electronic transfer processe
    • Benefit from UAE ExchangeÔÇÖs large bank network that covers 150-plus banks operating successfully worldwide
  • Demand Draft (DD)
    • Visit any UAE Exchange branch and place a request for a DD. Get a DD in minute
    • Transfer money, especially, high-volume remittances, using DD method
    • Give your money utmost security with UAE ExchangeÔÇÖs DD transfer
  • Associate┬á Branch Transfer (ABT)
    • Instant money transfer
    • Transfer corporate funds between UAE Exchange branches or through our associate branches.


For more information please visit your nearest Branch Location or log on to UAE Exchange corporate website



Sunday, 15 February 2015


Transforming Money Transfer Experiences, Transferring Happiness


Aron is an expatriate working hard to earn money and send it back home to build a secure future for his aging parents, wife and growing kids. But, every time he prepares to remit his hard-earned money home, itÔÇÖs not happiness that fills his mind but fear for his hard-earned money.
    • Will my money reach home safe?
    • Am I getting the right exchange rates or am I being exploited?
    • Will I be able to save or much of my money is going into exchange rates?


Aron is not alone in his insecurity. Thousands of other remitters worldwide discover that while earning money as an expatriate is difficult, remitting the money safe and secure is another challenge altogether.

Substandard technology and service infrastructure, poor agent networking strength, inconvenient branch locations, rude agents, and poor customer service, add to the innumerable fears plaguing an expatriateÔÇÖs mind when sending money home. ItÔÇÖs time you made remittance a joyful experience both for you and your family! Join the UAE Exchange family of remitters.

Breaking Paths in Money Transfers


[jbox color="red" title="

UAE Exchange delivers a range of money transfer options, from bank credits to home delivery, to make experiences unique and the best for customers.

At a UAE Exchange branch, you can send money through:" icon="/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/money-transfer-from-uaeexchange.jpg" border="5" radius="15" shadow="9"]


  • Bank Transfers

    • Visit any UAE Exchange branch
    • Provide beneficiary details including name and bank account number
    • Submit transaction amount
    • Wait just minutes to get your money to reach the specified bank account

Choose FLASHremit to send money in just seconds! This revolutionary money transfer technology pushes your money to the destination the instant you remit it. Our ace security measures and SMS notification on credit deposit leave your mind in absolute peace!

Your benefit @ UAE Exchange

    • Widespread presence of UAE Exchange branches (find one next to you easily!)
    • Impressive global bank links (which means your money gets to the destination bank in a matter of minutes!)
    • Up-to-date follow-up (you get SMS alerts the moment money reaches the destination bank; in case of FLASHremit, the beneficiary gets a confirmation too.)
    • Best customer service in-store including aesthetically well-designed branches and friendly staff
  • Demand Draft (DD)

    • Go to a UAE Exchange branch near you
    • Have a DD in hand in just minutes!
    • Transfer money to the required bank account
    • Avail home delivery service for greater convenience

Your benefit @ UAE Exchange

    • Minimal paperwork for DD processing
    • Responsible guidance staff
    • Speed of process execution
    • Best in-branch experience
    • Greater security for your money and better convenience for the receivers as money can be sent directly to the destination on remitter request
  • Instant Money Transfer

    • Watch your money travel and reach recipients as cash in seconds!
    • Use any of the several channels available:


  • Xpress Money ÔÇö Highly secure, process-convenient and cost-effective technology to send your money to destination for reasons of business or personal. Visit for more information.


  • Western Union ÔÇö Send money in an instant using this widely-popular technology. In addition to Western Union efficiency, experience UAE ExchangeÔÇÖs reliability and customer service in timely remittances.


  • Moneygram ÔÇö UAE Exchange adds to Moneygram efficiency with its impeccable brand reputation as the ÔÇ£WorldÔÇÖs Trusted Money Transferrer,ÔÇØ being upheld for more than 30 years now.


  • Ezremit ÔÇö This is a service active in Jordan alone. Send money from Jordan to fulfil your purposes in any part of the world, instantly.


  • International Money Express (IME) ÔÇö A service exclusive to Qatar, IME enables remitters to send money to anywhere in the world, in a safe and secure mode.


  • Nepal Remit ÔÇöUse UAE Exchange to transfer money to Nepal safe, sound and fast.


  • Home Delivery- The Filipino community has more reasons now to come to their preferred remittance partner - UAE Exchange. Have your money delivered straight at the required destination, whether itÔÇÖs your home or office, with our home delivery service. As of now, this Service operates in Philippines alone.


Your Benefit @ UAE Exchange

  • State-of-the-art processes to ensure safe and instant remittances
  • Customized services to cater to different customer segments (e.g. Nepal Remit, Western Union, etc.)
  • Global brand with impressive eyeball strength
  • Wide networks with banks and agents across the world


  • Transfer to Card

Visa Money Transfer

      • Transfer money to recipientÔÇÖs Visa credit card or prepaid card
      • Let recipient fetch money from any Visa-acceptable ATM
      • Enable recipients to buy from any POS location that accepts Visa cards
      • Avail ÔÇ£real-time card transferÔÇØ to send money to recipientsÔÇÖ Visa cards instantly, the minute your recipient wants it. At the moment, this facility is active in Philippines exclusively.

MasterCard MoneySend

      • Have money sent to recipientsÔÇÖ credit or debit MasterCard in minutes
      • Let recipients draw cash from widely-spread MasterCard ATMs
      • Make it easier for recipients to purchase from any MasterCard-recognized merchant location.

Qatar UAE Exchange Gold Card

      • Avail Gold Card to enjoy special privileges such as discounts on air tickets, jewellery, etc., at approved retail points.
      • Get insurance benefits┬á amounting to Qr. 25,000/-

Your Benefit @ UAE Exchange

  • Capability to send money to any location in the world
  • Strong Visa and MasterCard networks which facilitate utterly facile money management for recipients
  • Reception of money in a span of minutes and seconds!
  • Extensive MasterCard/ Visa-approved merchant network to enhance convenience of purchase, for recipients
  • Special privileges to be availed as part of being UAE Exchange customers


Make your remittance stress-free and far easier with UAE Exchange by your side! For more information, visit us @ nearest Branch Location or log on to UAE Exchange website


Foreign Currency Exchange - UAE Exchange

It’s a strange land, the people are new; you are missing the familiarity and have moved out of your comfort zone. Handling money gets tricky when travelling abroad, especially to a country never visited before. With the globalisation racing on the fast track, there are millions of people travelling every day, for work, education and other personal reasons. Choosing a good foreign currency exchange service provider, not only gives a sense of security, but also makes the traveller feel at ease in a foreign land.

These simple cues can help you choose a reliable forex service provider and currency exchange will never be difficult or complicated again!


The one that tops the list of things to look into is the authenticity of the service provider. Do a preliminary research online and see if they have a well-informed website. Look out for their history, how long they’ve been in the forex industry, information on products and services. If you are already on the streets, and looking for an authentic brand, then just scan the walls for any framed certification, license etc.  A genuine money exchange house will generally display its affidavits of authorisation to do currency exchange transactions.


Always go for a service provider with a wide network. This also speaks a lot about its authenticity. An organisation with a large network generally means it can be relied upon.

Customer Experience

Customer service is an indicator of the success and longevity of any organisation. Be inquisitive and know that it’s your right to ask questions and clarify your doubts with the customer service executive. Ensure that you transact with a service provider who doesn’t hesitate to provide you with all the information required. A good foreign exchange service provider will always be waiting to provide good customer service.

Promotional Offers

Also look for other offers, viz., discounts and promotions that are being conducted at that point of time. Some service providers also have mobile applications which help you to keep track of the currency exchange rates and enable you to take the right decision.

Travelling, whatever the purpose maybe, is always a new experience. Let there be excitement, adventure, exploration and not unwanted stress on dealing with forex

MARDEKA SQUARE, FROM KUALA LUMPUR: The UAE Exchange is providing swift service for making transaction money from any part of the world.


The company joined in the two-day long ÔÇÿThe Remittance and Investment Fair-2014ÔÇÖ for Bangladeshis in MalaysiaÔÇÖs capital Kuala Lumpur which is being organized by Global Air Tours and Travels at Dataran Mardeka Underground Hall.

It is also giving offer coupon of 50 percent discount to send remittance to Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Philippine from the first-day of fair to October 15.

The company is also giving opportunity to deposit money in the bank account. They are using electric money transfer system for security measure.

They customers will get massage while transferring and depositing money through ÔÇÿflashremitÔÇÖ system.

The UAE Exchange is also giving opportunity for express money where the customers will be able to sent money in more than 125 countries.

The company has largest network and they give interesting service trading foreign money.


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