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End child labour, protect childhood!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018
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Do you feel a sharp stab of pain in your heart when you see tender hands of small children washing dishes at roadside eateries, fixing tyres at automobile repair centers and selling knick-knacks or rather begging at traffic signals? Sometimes when we visit our friendÔÇÖs house we see child maids, taking care of the other school going children and household chores in the family. Most of them are sent to work either by their own parents due to poverty or are trafficked illegally.

Though our heart reaches out to them, it soon becomes just a transient feeling. Fleetingly we curse the traffickers and parents of the child labour. However few minutes or hours later, we forget about it and get on with our day to day work.

So how do you do your bit to put an end to this social evil? Here are a few pointers that could help!

Refuse to employ child labour

The old adage goesÔÇØ Charity begins at homeÔÇØ! So, first abstain from employing children as household help or in shops or garages or even as an errand boy. Never think of it as a way to help out the childÔÇÖs parent or to get cheap labour. Instead employ the parents of the child to sustain their families.

Report to the authorities

Have you come across parents trying to send small children to work or businesses seeking to employ children for cheap labour? Then immediately report the same to the nearest police station or active NGOs in your locality.

Child Labour


Counsel parents to send children to school

Whenever you see children working, speak to them and find out where their parents are. And counsel their parents to send their children to school. Share with them the perils of child labour and how the future of the child could be doomed due to their selfish mindless deeds. Persuade them to take their children out of work and enrol them in schools instead!

Encourage businesses that do not employ children

In your neighbourhood, encourage and promise good will to businesses that do not employ child labour. Also suggest to them, that they put up a proud declaration on their premises stating ÔÇÿMy business is child labour free! This will prove to be a good example for other business owners too.

Donate to NGOs supporting this cause

Ensure you extend a helping hand to organisations that rescue child labour, and work to end poverty, and lack of education. You can send them money to ensure that less privileged children do not face money crunch and complete their basic education.

Be an ethical consumer

Several multibillion FMCG and food businesses employ child labour at their grass root level. For cheap labour, children are employed at farms, housekeeping, assembling and other such units. When you encounter such a situation, stop purchasing products from those companies. DonÔÇÖt forget to call out the company, so that other consumers can benefit from the information.

On this World Day Against Child Labour, 2017, letÔÇÖs be alert and ready to act. Do your bit to end this heinous crime!

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