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Fewer work hours and better productivity, this Ramadan season!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018
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The holy month of Ramadan is a great time for the Islamic community. However Muslims at work find this season to be a bit challenging. This is because in addition to fulfilling their religious obligations such as fasting from sunrise to sunset, and extra prayers with increased emphasis on virtues such as charity, patience and truth, they will have to be performing well at work too!

Reduced work hours

Ramadan usually brings about significant changes in the working environment, especially in the Middle East. For example, in the UAE, working hours have been reduced by 2 hours every day during the Ramadan season. As per the UAE Labour Law, this reduction in work hours is applicable to both Muslims and non-Muslims, that too without any negative effect on salaries. ThatÔÇÖs great news for the fasting workers.

No significant drop in productivity

However certain organisations fear that decreased energy levels due to the day-long fast accompanied with religious obligations, may cause a drop in performance levels. But will this drastically affect the productivity of the employee and company as a whole?

Not necessarily!

On the contrary recent research proves that a shorter work hour brings in increased productivity among employees, especially during the Ramadan season. Wondering how? Here you go!

Work Hours Ramadan Season

Excellent work life balance

A good work life balance is what Muslim employees expect during the Ramadan season. They need time for their prayers, charitable deeds, to begin/ break the dayÔÇÖs fast and to have Iftar with their loved ones. When this need is fulfilled, the employees return to work happy and content. In turn they extend their love to the organisation and work.

Better employee satisfaction

Muslim employees are very appreciative when their manager or organisation acknowledges their religious sensitivities. So they are determined to allocate the best hours in the morning for their work. This sense of satisfaction and appreciation ensures that the fasting workers give their 100% during the working time.

More clarity on timelines

Line managers should provide their teams with clearer project briefs and distinctive timeframes, so that the fasting employees can plan and complete their jobs on time. This way the manager can ensure that the shorter work hours are utilised effectively.

Focus on long term HR initiatives

Ramadan does not mean to be an unproductive spell for businesses. This holy month should focus on long term HR initiatives such as improving employee well-being, increasing engagement and embracing flexibility within the organisation.

Ramadan Kareem!

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