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How to make long distance marriages work?

Tuesday, 07 March 2017
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Long distance marriages can be tricky. Though dismissed by many disgruntled people who claim it never works, it still carries its own romantic charm. Mentioned below are the tips shared by happily married couples who are currently living away from each other. You can give them a try to make your long distance relationship work.

Identify the trigger

WhatÔÇÖs that spark that first got you together? Never lose sight of that. Whatever be the reason you got together as a married couple, committed to a long distance relationship, focus on that. This will keep your relationship going and the spark burning.

Bring in the surprise element

A pleasant surprise does wonders for your relationship. Many couples have used the distance as a tool to make their marriages stronger. If you have the opportunity to visit your spouse, make sure you utilise the opportunity. Give him or her a fun-filled romantic weekend.

Long distance Marriages


Ignite the romance

Very often in marriages we take things for granted and before we know it, the romance is lost. Long distance marriages are an opportunity to connect with your spouse in new and exciting ways. Make use of your mobile devices to ignite the romance. Rekindle the love with romantic texts and good night notes, to keep the magic going.

Communication is the key

Not seeing each other for days or even months is the toughest part of a long distance marriage. Thus, you need to look forward to the next best thing, happy conversations with our beloved ones. Daily communication is the key. Let your partner know about your feelings on a day-to-day basis, what made you happy, what upset you, how was the new movie which you saw, what you did over the weekend ÔÇô make sure you take time out to talk about everything.

Send gifts

Pamper your partner by discussing gift options to send each other through ecommerce websites, or sending additional money home so your spouse can pick something he/she loved etc.

Remember when it comes to long distance marriages there is nothing called little things, everything matters!

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