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Make your loved ones smile ÔÇô in a FLASH!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017
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We all have at least one acquaintance, if not more, who lives away from home, in a different country. The reason they chose to live abroad, is because they were looking for better opportunities, so that they can provide a good life for their families. It also means that they earn better abroad and want to remit their earnings back home to their families.

Sending money home to loved ones is the beginning of financial security and the foundation of your dream life with access to quality education, health, food and shelter. Thus it stands to reason that the process of sending money home should not be a bottleneck but must be easy, quick, convenient, safe and cost-effective.



Now money is not only sent home at the end or the beginning of every month. There are several occasions where money needs to be sent home in a flash. All for one simple reason. To bring a flash of smile on your loved oneÔÇÖs face! Here are a few of those occasions.

a) Your childÔÇÖs school admission just got confirmed, and thereÔÇÖs a lump sum required to be paid to school, immediately.

b) Your brother needs an emergency loan to either start a small business, or handle a pressing need.

c) Your parents have to travel to attend a relativeÔÇÖs wedding in another city and require money for travel, wedding presents, shopping and more.

d) Your spouse has his/her birthday coming up and you want to gift something valuable and memorable, like gold. Or perhaps you would like them to buy something of their choice with the money you send.

e) In times of calamities or natural disasters, you may need to send money immediately to your family for their relief.

f) You have just found the best deal for your dream home or car. All you need is to send the required money home.

As you can see, there are a number of instances where your family could require money urgently. Transfers via banks however are prone to delay and can take several days to transfer the money to the beneficiariesÔÇÖ account. The process is tedious and you may not get the best exchange currency rate when making a transfer, so you could end up paying more and receiving less. Banks are therefore not the optimum solution for transferring money instantly.

Are there other options? Yes, thereÔÇÖs FLASHremit!

Gone are the days when customers had to wait for long hours to get a confirmation from their banks on the receipt of money. You can now transfer money instantly and get the confirmation through SMS within seconds of account credit.

FLASHremitÔÇÖs advanced state-of-the-art technology enables people to send money instantly from their bank account to other bank accounts. Having strategic tie-ups with over 140 reputed banks around the world, FLASHremit, has one of the widest network of banks.

So when you need money in a flash, you know what to do, just FLASHremit.

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