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5 Mobile Utility Apps to that you must have this Ramadan

Thursday, 23 June 2016
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In today’s fast paced world, Muslims face several challenges while fulfilling their Ramadan obligations and worship. Working during fasting requires immense mental, physical and spiritual discipline. Sometimes one tends to lose track of time and health due to social and work pressures. Staying attuned to the abstinence, and taking care of the daily chores viz., cooking, shopping becomes a challenge.

Contrary to popular beliefs of technology being a distraction, today mobile technology has become an enabler to resolve spiritual, logistical and physical challenges during Ramadan. Download these 5 mobile apps below to gain spiritual enlightenment, ease the practical strain, and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan. 

ramadan kareem app

Muslim Pro

A complete Ramadan encyclopaedia, Muslim Pro gives you detailed information on your location specific fasting and prayer timings. This app offers you a comprehensive coverage of the Holy Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations and audio recitations as well as Qibla (direction to Mecca) locator, Islamic Hijri calendar, along with maps of Mosques and halal restaurants.

Wain Nakel

If you are looking for a restaurant to eat Iftar meals, Wain Nakel is the right app for you. When you feed in the budget and preferred cuisine, this app gives you restaurant options based on your location.


Powered by United Nations World Food Programme, Sharethemeal app is an easy way to reach out and help the needy around the world. This app is an authentic and transparent way to feed millions of hungry children across the world with just Dh 2 per child.

Ramadan Fitness Challenge

If you are tempted to binge during Iftar, the Ramadan Fitness Challenge app is for you. While fasting certainly has health benefits, mild exercise is imperative to keep your system agile. Developed by health experts and personal trainers, the app provides workout challenge reminders, customised timers and tips on fitness and health during Ramadan.


A handy shopping enabler, Sallety app helps you to compare the prices of more than 270 products across nine leading hypermarkets in Dubai. The app also allows consumers to submit complaints of commercial fraud or unreasonable hike in prices that are generally prevalent during this month.

Empowered with the above mobile apps, fulfil your daily fasting, prayer and social obligations this Ramadan.

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