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Tips to unplug children from gadgets

Tuesday, 11 September 2018
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HereÔÇÖs a thought provoking research finding.

70% of children think their parents spend too much time on electronic devices. In addition to this they also accuse their parents of double standards, when checked for the over usage of gadgets! This is according to a research conducted by US based Dr. Steiner-Adair, renowned clinical psychologist, school and child development consultant.

Today television, smart phones, ipads and video games have invaded our homes and personal spaces. Concerns have been raised from all fronts about the harmful effects these gadgets have on physical, mental and emotional health of children. So, if youÔÇÖre worried and stressed at seeing your children stuck to their gadgets all the time, then here are few tips, which should make a difference.

Engage them with hobbies

Abruptly stopping the usage of gadgets is more likely to create little rebels at home. So instead divert them into pursuing a hobby such as music, sports, gardening or outdoor photography. Schedule limited time for using gadgets, and plan physical activities to engage your children at other times.

children away from gadget

Place electronic gadgets in the common area

Never install television or electronic gadgets in your childÔÇÖs bedroom. Having the child enjoy screen time in a common area filled with family members will automatically reduce unnecessary exposure.

Be consistent about tech-free zones

Bedroom and dining room should be tech free areas to ensure that you bond with your children. And make sure you are consistent in your decision about these areas being free from gadget usage.

Reward good behaviour

Praise your child even on the slightest demonstration of restraint. You can design a simple reward system at home where your child can collect stickers every time they stay within the limited gadget usage time.

Have fun together

Your children probably love technology because they think itÔÇÖs fun. So make it your responsibility to create fun moments together. Play with them outdoors or at the beach, so that they enjoy the time spent with you instead of the gadgets.

Travel with children

Go on holidays, backpack and arrange outdoor camps and build cherishable moments together. Travel widens their perspective and they will never indulge in mindless online games or watch television hours together. Traveling with children can be a bit expensive. So remember to carry your multi-purpose travel card so that you can save money and move around hassle free.

Finally we do need to practice what we preach. Spend less time on your laptops, ipads, television and other gadgets and focus on having fun with your child instead!

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