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Traditional Easter dishes from across the world!

Thursday, 13 April 2017
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Easter is just around the corner. It is one of those few occasions when families gets together to celebrate with atleast one special dish, that has been handed down through generations.

LetÔÇÖs peek into these traditional dishes from around the world thatÔÇÖll intrigue you.

Hot Cross Buns ÔÇô UK

Hot cross buns are a delicious treat savored on Easter mornings. Even though this tradition is largely followed in Britain, it is not uncommon to find people indulging in hot cross buns in various places around the world as well.

Pashka ÔÇô Russia

ItÔÇÖs a pyramid shaped mound of cheese which is prepared all week long and is brought to the church on the day before Easter, to be blessed. This pyramid of cheese is usually decorated with various religious symbols.


Bun and Cheese ÔÇô Jamaica

Easter morning treats in Jamaica are sweet and spiced bread which are topped with creamy and mild cheddar cheese ÔÇô the Jamaican version of the English hot cross buns.

Mammi ÔÇô Finland

Mammi is actually a traditional Finnish Easter dessert made from molasses, salt, rye and powdered orange zest. It is consumed on Easter mornings with cold milk or cream and sugar. Preparing this dish takes days and is definitely worth the wait.

Schinken im Brotteig ÔÇô Germany

This name literally means ham in bread and thatÔÇÖs exactly what it is. ItÔÇÖs a traditional German Easter dish and is made in almost all homes in Germany.

Ma'amoul ÔÇô Lebanon

Maamoul is a delicious traditional Middle Eastern pastry that is made on religious holidays such as Easter or Eid. The pastry is filled with pistachios, dates and walnuts.

Pacoca de Amendoim ÔÇô Brazil

This sweet treat is made from peanuts, sugar and cassava flour and is served on Easter in every Brazilian household.

Torta Pasqualina ÔÇô Italy

This delicious spinach and egg pie is eaten on Easter Sunday in Italy. Traditionally itÔÇÖs served cold and features whole eggs inside the pie to give it a unique appearance.

Fesikh ÔÇô Egypt

Fesikh is an ungutted fish which is salted and dehydrated and is typical to Egypt. It is consumed with various other delicacies on Easter.

Bacalhau ├á Gomes de S├í ÔÇô Portugal

Bacahau is the Portuguese name for cod and this dish, which is made of bacalhua, potatoes, onions and eggs, is served for Easter lunch in Portugal.

You can always add these scrumptious dishes to your Easter menu, but the best way to savour them is to visit these countries during Easter and enjoy their food the traditional way.

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