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Upcycling: 10 DIYs to make use of unwanted waste

Monday, 19 December 2016
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If youÔÇÖre concerned about climate change, youÔÇÖre probably already recycling. Though recycling is a great practice, there are better alternatives available. Meet upcycling - recyclingÔÇÖs prettier friend.

Upcycling takes old unwanted items and gives them a new purpose and a new lease of life. Creative upcyclers take disposable or used things, and make something useful (and often beautiful) from them. Upcycled products never see a recycling plant or landfill, completely minimising environmental footprints. For consumers, upcycling is also a good way of saving money while nurturing their creativity.

 Upcycling 10 DIYs to make use of unwanted waste

Here are some ideas to get you started on your upcycling:

Brighten up a chest of drawers with some new paint for instant shabby chic. Plus, you get the benefit of a creative activity - exercise for mind and body.

Keep egg cartons and cardboard boxes as childrenÔÇÖs play materials. Kids will love using their imagination working with simple items, transforming them into toys.

Make a guitar plectrum out of an old credit card. The plastic used in credit cards is the perfect weight for a plectrum. Cut it yourself or use a guillotine.

Make a snuggly cushion cover out of an old sweater. Some old sweaters are too shabby to be worn, but very comforting to touch. Keep them around by turning them into cushion covers.

Reuse old tissue boxes as plastic bag dispensers. Plastic bags bursting out of your kitchen cupboard? Tame them with a gaudily painted tissue box.

Reuse toilet paper rolls to organise cords and cables. Fed up of tripping over the many cables in your home? Use redesigned toilet rolls to keep them tidy.

Reupholster your old sofa with some bright new fabric offcuts. Even the oldest, tattiest furniture can be given a new lease of life with a new cover made from dresses and the like.

Turn an old doorframe into a table. It can be a coffee table with books as legs. Or if youÔÇÖre feeling up to the challenge, try your hand at some carpentry and make a dining table.

Turn an old picture frame into a serving tray. Some creative thinking produces a conversation piece and a useful household item.

Turn your babyÔÇÖs old clothes into a patchwork quilt. The sentimental value of the new keepsake will be priceless.

So, there you have it. Boost your creativity and beautify your home while looking after the environment with upcycling.

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