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Visiting Kuwait for the first time? HereÔÇÖs what you must do.

Tuesday, 02 May 2017
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Did you know that the Kuwaiti Dinar is the highest-valued currency in the world?

This oil rich country is not only an economic power house but is also an epitome of Arabian culture and beauty. Buzzing with myriad attractions and architectural delights, the capital city is a paradise for those who love beautiful beaches, shopping, and amazing food. In addition to this Kuwait also owns its national Ice hockey team and a 1800 square meter ice rink!

Still wondering what you can do when you visit Kuwait? Here are our recommendations.

Visit historical monuments
If you love visiting monuments and heritage centers, then you must visit the following places.

  1. Grand Mosque: Situated opposite Al Seif Palace and the Stock Exchange, the Grand Mosque is a magnificent monument. The cool beige and blue hues of the mosque and the grand interiors will leave you mesmerised.
  2. Kuwait Towers: This is KuwaitÔÇÖs defining landmark, giving a complete view of Kuwait city from the observation deck.
  3. House of Mirrors: As the name suggests, this landmark building of Kuwait is completely covered by mirror mosaics. 

Kuwait travel destinations

Shop till you drop
If shopping is what you are looking for, then you will not be disappointed.

  1. The Avenues: The Avenues is the biggest and best mall of Kuwait. The best thing about this mall is that it has something for everyoneÔÇÖs budget.
  2. Souk Al-Mubarakiya: This is where you should head to if you wish to relish shopping in an authentic Arabian market scenario. This souk sells everything, from food, to clothes, to souvenirs and traditional Arabic street food and snacks.
  3. Souq Sharq: The Souq Sharq mall is KuwaitÔÇÖs most prominent shopping destination. It began as a traditional souq and has now been refurbished into a modernised shopping mall.
  4. Marina World: Marina World is home to many restaurants, shops, a convention hall, and promenade areas. It is a hot spot for teenagers and youth in Kuwait. 

Get wet at the beach
Visit the wonderful beaches of Kuwait, which is perfect for weekend getaways. There are a plenty of water sports and fun activities such as diving, snorkeling and much more along KuwaitÔÇÖs warm coastline. DonÔÇÖt forget to visit the islands of Kubar and Umm al-Maradim, that are home to amazing marine wildlife. Remember to wear modest beachwear while chilling in the waters.

When planning a trip to Kuwait, make sure you get a travel card which is loaded up with their currency to ensure ease of spending. Pack some light weight clothes while keeping in mind the dress code of Kuwait and donÔÇÖt forget your sunscreen!

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