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3 Practical Vows to End Cruelty & Conserve Wildlife

Thursday, 03 March 2016
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Nature’s wild child never ceases to fascinate us. Our legendary gentle giants, the magnificent elephants are turning monsters now, all thanks to abusive human greed! The raw tiff set against the pristine nature hypnotises the watchers, often sending shudders down the spine.

“The future of wildlife is in our hands” is the theme for the World Wildlife Day (WWD) commemorated on 3rd March 2016. Owing to unsustainable land use and poaching, the global wildlife population has decreased by 52% between 1970 and 2010, according to 2014 Living Planet Report by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). This major slump has upset the ecological balance endangering the livelihoods of all beings on this planet.

world wildlife day

Here are 3 vows we could make to harmoniously coexist with our wilder cousins for a better future.

Vow 1: Dissuade irresponsible wildlife tourism

Would you ever fancy being inseminated, locked up in a cage or having a leopard handle your baby or giving a pig a ride on your back for a living? If the answer is no, then its high time you stop riding on elephants, taking selfies with tigers, petting lion cubs, cuddling sea turtles or kissing snakes. World Animal Protection believes that every year, at least 550,000 wild animals suffer at irresponsible tourist attractions with 110 million people visiting them unaware of the animal abuse involved.

Abandon zoo trips and visit animals in their natural habitat or sanctuaries. It’s breath-taking to watch them in their home turf. We don’t want performing dolphins or dancing monkeys or the worst, civet dropping coffee!

Severe pain is inflicted on them since their infancy to break the free animal spirit and establish human dominance that results in intense physical and psychological abuse.

Vow 2: Knock out animal tested cosmetics

Haven’t we done enough damage being selfish? Animals are blinded, burnt and poisoned in laboratories during testing of a lot of cosmetics we use. Let’s ensure, we check for the labels saying ‘Not Animal Tested’ before we buy any product intended for human use.

Vow 3: Never buy any product made from animal parts

After the world’s first ever Giant Club’s Summit (April 2016), Kenya intends to burn more than 120 tons of illegal Ivory recovered from poachers. A seed indeed, which would grow into an intense uprise against animal cruelty, exploitation and loss of habitat!

Poaching and trafficking for ivory, leather, meat and medicines are driving the elephants, tigers, rhinos, leopards, gorillas and turtles into extinction. Never buy any artifacts, bags, jewellery or even medicinal products made from animal parts to battle against the international web responsible for this crime.

The Future

The future belongs to Mother Nature and her children. Appreciation and respect for them, and the right to life needs to be instilled inside the mind of every child. Wildlife is indeed awe-inspiring, bringing us in touch with the superior force.

We are sure you have great ideas on how each one us could help conserve wildlife, and would love to hear from you.

It is true, never trust an animal hater!

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