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7 Reasons why you must never travel without a gocash card powered by Wacao rewards programme!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018
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Travel was AngelaÔÇÖs therapy. A loner by nature, wandering nourished Angela RossÔÇÖs soul. The frenetic excitement of being all by herself in the open, exhilarated her beyond anything. To up the ante, living in one of the safest countries in the world, the UAE, gave her more confidence to travel solo.

This time she wanted to explore the Swiss Alps. ┬áThatÔÇÖs when her travel mentor introduced her to Gocash card powered by Wacao rewards programme. On learning about the lucrative offers provided by this multi-purpose, pre-paid, reloadable, multi-currency travel card, she marched straight to the nearest UAE Exchange branch, to get her very own gocash card. All she had to do was to activate the Wacao loyalty programme!

As she downloaded the gocash mobile app on her smartphone, the possibilities became limitless for Angela.

Curious to know what they are and how she profited from them? Here you go!

  1. Get rewarded for every dollar spent

Every time Angela swiped her card or transacted online, she was rewarded with points that matched the number of dollars she spent. That is, if she spent 100 dollars, then 100 rewards points were credited to her account.

  1. Enjoy great offers from anywhere in the world

With a huge collection of reward points earned, sky was the limit for Angela.  She redeemed the points online and used up the amazing offers (mentioned below) at Switzerland itself.

  1. Book luxury accommodation from 150,000 hotels worldwide
  2. Buy air tickets from 900 global airlines (low cost airlines included)
  3. Avail car rentals across 150 countries
  4. Enjoy shopping on the go, at InfiShop
  1. Save money

Although cutting corners sounded thrifty, Angela was still concerned about going frugal in accommodation, food and mode of travel, as it might compromise security. ┬áBut to her delight, by using gocash, she was actually able to save significant amounts of cash. ┬áUsing gocashÔÇÖs forex rate lock feature, she was able to lock exchange rates when they are ideal and use them when the rates hit the roof. The difference amount was comfortably saved.

  1. Never fear losing money

Though traveling alone made her look like a vulnerable target to scamsters, she had no fear of losing cash. Even if the gocash card was stolen or lost, she would be able to immediately report and get the card replaced at her nearest UAE Exchange outlet.

  1. Get best forex deals

Having marked Angela as a susceptible target, local forex peddlers tried to intimidate her to accept exorbitant exchange rates. But since she had gocash, she got the best rates in forex without moving a limb.

  1. Choose from 16 world currencies

Being a footloose wanderer, the gocash card loadable with 6 from a choice of 16 world currencies was a boon to her. She was free to travel across countries with just one card in her hand.

  1. Free travel insurance

As she was travelling among the Schengen nations, she was able to enjoy free travel insurance by using gocash card.

In addition to the above benefits, Angela also accessed ATM withdrawals and paid for POS and online shopping without forex or interest rate confusion.  

ThatÔÇÖs why we ask you, never to venture out without your gocash card┬ápowered by Wacao rewards programme- your true saviour, especially when travelling solo!

WhatÔÇÖs next on your travel bucket?

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