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Huan Ying to China!!!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018
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Planning on visiting China? Then here are some cues for an eventful trip!


Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built to keep out invaders and to retain inhabitants. This enormous wall spans across five provinces from the Shanhaiguan Pass in the east, to Jiayuguan Pass in the west and looks like a gigantic dragon across deserts, grasslands and mountains.

Summer Palace

As the name suggests, this is a fancy retreat which the emperors once used and now is treated as a resort for tourism purpose. Take a nice long walk and spend time here in this place which is spread across 290 acres; this park palace is surrounded by the Kumi Lake and is a feast to the eyes of any tourist.

China Travel Tips



Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses

A place where there is an army of 8000 soldiers, no not real soldiers but just sculptures. A form of funerary art buried with the emperor to protect him in his afterlife.

Huashan (Flower Mountain)

Hua means brilliant, or flowery and shan means mountain and is one of the five sacred Taoist mountains in China that is well-known for its sheer cliffs and plunging ravines. Huashan boasts a lot of religious sites: Taoist temples, pavilions, and engraved scriptures are scattered over the mountain.


Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden (Happy Garden) s believed to have been built in the Ming Dynasty, more than 400 years ago. With an exquisite layout, beautiful scenery and the artistic style of the garden architecture I will definitely enjoy this place and hope to click a lot of pictures!

Jade Buddha Temple

The Jade Buddhas, white in colour were brought from Burma in the nineteenth century. One is seated while the other is in the recumbent position of Sakyamuni symbolizing the Buddha's attainment of enlightenment or nirvana. The temple was built between 1911 and 1918 in the style of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), with symmetrical halls and courtyards, upturned eaves, and bright yellow walls.

The Bund of Shanghai

The Bund is one of the most widely recognized architectural symbols of Shanghai. A 771-metre long retaining wall for flood control was built in the bund, paved with colourful tiles and dotted with flower beds and European-style garden lights. Atop the wall is a spacious walkway for sightseeing.

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