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Places you can visit from the UAE ÔÇô on a tight budget!

Friday, 24 March 2017
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Yearning to travel but worried about the expenses? You shouldnÔÇÖt!

Travel doesnÔÇÖt have to break your bank. If you are living in the UAE and are on a tight budget, you can still travel to so many wonderful places and quench your wanderlust without busting your savings account. In this article letÔÇÖs look at five amazing countries you can travel to on a shoestring budget.

Georgia is quickly becoming a favourite tourist destination for the UAE residents. There are several attractive packages that are being offered and flight tickets are usually inexpensive too, if you book them in advance. Georgia is an exceptionally beautiful country nestled amidst rolling mountains and lush greenery and being pretty close to the UAE, it is the perfect destination for a short getaway.

Although Azerbaijan may not be a popular choice for people from around the world, it is quite popular among people travelling from the UAE. Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan is easily accessible via budget flights, and this country is a perfect vacation spot ÔÇô no matter which season you are travelling. During summers, you can enjoy a traditional mud bath or just laze in the beaches by the Caspian Sea and in winter, you can ski here to your heartÔÇÖs content.

Places to visit from UAE

For most parts of the year, flight tickets to Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kochi are available at amazingly low prices. You can choose to fly down to any of these destinations and from there drive down to so many other cities. If you love the sea, then places like Goa or Kerala is ideal for you. For those who love the mountains, a trip across the northern part of India will bring them face-to-face with the mighty Himalayas.

Sri Lanka:
Colombo is an incredible place to explore the gorgeous beaches and beautiful scenic landscapes. The mountainous region of Kandy is also another must-visit place. Sri Lankan lifestyle is a combination of age-old traditions and modern technology and its cities are abundant with attractions worth seeing. Hunt for good deals online and avail inexpensive flight tickets easily.

If you are living in the UAE and havenÔÇÖt paid a visit to Oman, then you should, pronto! Oman is about an hourÔÇÖs flight from the UAE and is the perfect destination for budget-conscious people. The Musandam peninsula is an intoxicating blend of gorgeous mountains and stunning coastlines, while Muscat is a shopperÔÇÖs paradise. On a tight budget, you can explore and have tons of fun here.

When planning any trip, always ensure you purchase a travel card that lets you lock interest rates. This way, you can lock favourable interest rates and use them when the rates hit the sky. Travel cards are also super easy to reload, should you run out of money. With some planning and careful money management, you can easily take short vacations couple of times a year!

Happy travelling!

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