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Celebrating, winning and non-stop entertainment- An update from UAE Exchange Bahrain

Thursday, 06 October 2016
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It was a moment of celebration when UAE Exchange, announced the winners of the final draw of Khairat Ramadan promotion on 17 August 2016. 81 lucky participants won attractive prizes in this two-month long promotional campaign.

Khairat Ramadan Final Draw

UAE Exchange saluted the real heroes who helped keep the city clean by organising a ÔÇ£Say WowÔÇØ campaign. We honoured the public cleaners who were on their duty at Riffa Lulu, near Lulu MALL, Enma Mall, Gudaibiya, and in the family park area. We held exciting dart games, traced the evolution of Western Union and had fun in the family park.

Say Wow Contest Celebrations

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