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Simple steps to revive your career after a hiatus

Tuesday, 14 March 2017
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Whether you were on a career break or a sabbatical, getting back to work after the hiatus is a huge challenge. Bouncing back with your dream job/ role is a true dare, which can be accomplished only with proper strategies in place.

Here are simple tips to get you back on the radar.

Update your resume

Like it or hate it, your two page resume will be your very first impression. While a career gap doesnÔÇÖt look great on a resume, you need to update it with all the relevant things you did during your break. It could be new skill sets you acquired that could turn your weaker spots into your strengths.

Stay relevant on social media

Companies today rely heavily on social media portals like LinkedIn and Facebook for their recruitment. Hence make sure you have an updated account in these portals. There are dedicated recruitment websites in every country. So upload your resume on these websites to get noticed.


Your ex-colleagues and ex-managers will always remember your professionalism and dedication to work. Leverage this to your advantage. Get in touch with them to increase your chances of finding the perfect job post the hiatus.



Be flexible

A lot might have changed in the corporate world during your time off, the market value for your skill set might have dipped. There could be new technology in the market that is a must know for every professional. Consider these factors when applying for jobs and ensure that you acquire working knowledge of these new technology.

Being flexible will help you adjust quickly to the new reality of your career, the last thing you want when youÔÇÖre trying to revive your career is to undersell or over sell yourself.

Seek help for international career opportunities

You might have been working in a different country before you took a break and gone back to your home country. In such scenarios it might be difficult to network or gauge the market potential abroad. Make sure you reach out to recruitment agencies who hire for foreign countries, so they can help you. The recruitment agencies will charge you a fee for their work, but with easy remittance channels available, to make payments online, you should consider this option.

Be patient

Last but not the least make sure you remain patient. With hard work and patience you can realise your true potential and get your career back on right track.

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