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Smart Pay Overview

Tuesday, 30 August 2011
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Smart Pay is a corporate payroll solution launched in the UAE market by UAE Exchange to improve the salary disbursal process, in compliance with the directives of UAE Ministry of Labour and Wages Protection System (WPS). The innovative product infuses greater reliability to payroll management and has been a huge success in the UAE.


Smart Pay aims at empowering workers, through organized salary payments. It currently caters to thousands of workers across UAE especially those engaged in the labour-based sector like construction industry. Smart Pay has been successful because it benefits both the employer and the employee. With Smart Pay, the employer saves on time, money and paperwork during the monthly salary disbursal. In addition, the employer does not have to worry about the logistics management.

Meanwhile, the employee has access to many salary distribution points through
UAE Exchange branches facilitating easy salary withdrawal without any service charges being levied on them. Specially trained multi-lingual staff helps in disbursal of salaries at camp sites. The employees also have the option of sending their money back home after collecting their salaries. Our customers thus benefit from timely, secure, and convenient salary disbursal through the wide-network of UAE Exchange branches spread across UAE.

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