UAE Exchange ushers customers in India in to the Age of “Mobile” Cash

How would it be to pay for your purchases without cash? How would it be to pay your monthly bills without the hassles of having to use your debit or credit cards? Wouldn’t it be a double bonanza if you’re able to make your gas and electricity payments right from where you are, without having to spend hours in queues?
How would it be if you were able to transform your most-used device into a money machine?
Yes, we’re talking about your mobile, your most-used device. How would it be if you were able to pay for anything with your mobile? Sounds new and exciting? Mobile cash is the new avatar of money!
Mobile Recharge  and DTH Rechange
UAE Exchange, reputed global remittance solutions provider, leads the way yet again with a revolutionary product – the XPAY. Put in the simplest of terms, XPAY allows customers to make payments with their mobile phones. XPAY services are exclusively available for UAE Exchange’s customers in India alone.

With XPAY, you can pay for your daily needs such as mobile, DTH or Internet recharge, shopping and paying bills for household services such as electricity, phone and cooking gas. A horde of other possibilities emerge with XPAY – like reserving movie tickets from your own comfort zone; preventing the frustration of having to face a long queue to book your air or train journey tickets – in short, with XPAY, you not only get the power of “mobile” cash, but also the ability to get your work done from anywhere.

XPAY Offers Different Convenient Payment Modes
• The Mobile Way – Download the required application on your mobile phone. Choose the option of “Transaction” from the application, if you want to make a payment. Enter your unique MPIN number, when prompted by the apps. Type in merchant code (supplied by the merchant outlet, where you register for XPAY service); input the type of transaction and the amount of payment you intend to make. Give your approval to execute a transaction, when asked for a confirmation. Transaction details reside in the Transaction History section, open to user’s view.

• Interactive Voice Response System or IVRS- Dial +919387712345 and follow instructions on the IVRS. Enter MPIN number and transaction details on request. Receive transaction completion confirmation.

• Internet Payment – Create an account using your mobile number of choice as registered user ID. Enter user ID and password. Select transaction options from the menu listing and complete the payment transaction.

XPAY Features
• It’s important to locate merchant outlets that accommodate XPAY, to be able to use the service. Visit XPAY website for more details.
• XPAY system can be run on any mobile device.
• XPAY is available 24×7.
• Payment through XPAY is jet fast – gets completed in just seconds!
• XPAY application costs nothing. It’s completely FREE of cost!
• FREE transaction processing! Executing a transaction doesn’t impose any type of fee on the user.
• Complete transparency as users get to view each transaction detail.
• XPAY doesn’t necessitate users to have a bank account to make payments.
• Registration procedure is swift.
• Greater convenience for making regular payments such as recharge and bill payments. Just intimate the day and time to the System to make the payment!
• XPAY is a completely secure method of payment transmission. Stringent security ensures access to the System only by people with authorisation. In addition, there is the MPIN entry, which is shared exclusively with the corresponding user alone. Information exchanged over the network is completely safe and confidential.
• Consumers need to open an XPAY account to avail of the service. The account permits up to `50, 000 balance. A transaction must be worth a minimum of `10 in order to be eligible for process through XPAY. The upper threshold for transactions is `5, 000.
• XPAY allows consumers to fill in their account balance on a daily basis. Customers can add a balance not exceeding `25, 000, as a one-time addition, for a single day. Users can recharge their account using the Internet or visit their nearest XPAY agent outlet.
• XPAY customers have the facility to claim the money paid into their account. XPAY website gives more details into the get-back option.
• The MPIN number ensures tight security even if a user loses his or her mobile device. For total security, users need to stop complete access to their XPAY account. Visit XPAY India to know how.

For more information log on to www.xpayindia.com

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