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UAE Exchange Scores Half-a-million Facebook fans

Wednesday, 10 September 2014
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UAE Exchange, the leading global money transfer, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand, is now the largest followed company, in its class, on Facebook with its global fan-base touching the 500,000-milestone.

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This endorses the companyÔÇÖs reputation as a techno-savvy brand thatÔÇÖs active in the virtual world too. The achievement has catapulted the brandÔÇÖs visibility into the numero uno slot in the social media space in the remittance industry, bringing customers from all walks of life under one canopy - from blue-collared workers to white-collared professionals across expatriate Diasporas in five continents - on a highly robust social engagement platform.

Mr. Gopakumar Bhargavan, Chief Marketing Officer, UAE Exchange, said, ÔÇ£We are a brand built on trust and the half-a-million and growing global fan-base is a testimony to the customer affinity towards us as a remittance company that they can rely on. We are confident that this strong social connect that we have fostered with commitment, transparency and dedication, will continue to strengthen our relationship with various expatriate communities across the world.ÔÇØ

The companyÔÇÖs Facebook page was launched in July, 2011 and has achieved the milestone in a short span of three years. It has won the Pan Arab Web Award under the creativity category and was rated for the best response time on the social network in the entire Middle East region. According to the Socialwatchlist, UAE Exchange Facebook page featured 5th among Top Banking/Finance Facebook Pages in the Middle East & North Africa region, and 14th among all brands in the UAE. It has also been the subject of case studies by DigitalVidya, IndiaÔÇÖs largest social media community and Social Samosa, a major social news/update site. Apart from Facebook, the brand has an overwhelming presence across various social media platforms - over 500,000 views on its social media blog, over 100,000 views on its Youtube channel, over 50,000 Google+ views and over 10,000 Twitter followers.

ÔÇ£Across all these social media platforms, we are on an incessant engagement with customers who keep our social media team on live wire. The Facebook page of UAE Exchange, which gives customers live updates on news, events, exciting contests coupled with socially relevant messages, has evolved into a social media destination for us and as an active touch point for our customers, adding great value to our brand strategy.ÔÇØ Mr. Gopakumar added.


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