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3 things expats should remember to enjoy excellent healthcare in Dubai!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017
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When Jane moved to Dubai from Canada, she knew she would have to struggle with the weather change. The sudden rise in temperature was a bit too much for her body. However she soon found herself facing an understanding doctor in one of DubaiÔÇÖs plush hospitals.

Bring your international health insurance

This was when she realised how smart she was to have obtained an international health insurance before moving into Dubai! The doctor explained, how expats can enjoy advanced healthcare facilities, if only they have proper international health insurance papers with them. He deliberated on how not all expats are well versed with the healthcare requirements, which can be a problem for them. Because since January 1, 2017 Dubai has made it mandatory that all migrants to have health insurance. They can face a monthly fine of up to AED 500 if they do not comply with the Insurance System for Advancing Healthcare in Dubai( ISAHD).


Enroll yourself for the Essential Benefits Plan

If you feel obtaining and paying for international health insurance is expensive, you can opt for the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP), which is designed to assist low-salaried migrants as well as provide cover for their children and non-working residents. This initiative by the Dubai Health Authority, that began in 2014 covers both inpatient and outpatient treatments and it offers healthcare packages with very low and standardised premiums. However, the basic plan of EBP is not valid outside the UAE so overseas treatments will not be covered.

Get permission for prescription medicines

It is extremely important for expats to remember that some prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications are not allowed in the UAE. If you need to bring some medications into the country, but are unsure if it is permitted, then contact the UAEÔÇÖs Ministry of Health and confirm the same. You may require written permission to bring such medicines.

All of these rules and requirements were put in place so that everyone in Dubai could enjoy amazing healthcare facilities. Make sure you do your homework before you arrive in Dubai and remember that health is wealth!