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Why should Dubai be powered by the Sun?

Tuesday, 29 December 2015
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Excessive exploitation of non-renewable energy resources has resulted in intensified natural calamities in the recent times. To pacify & soothe Mother Nature, over 195 world nations have agreed to put an end to fossil fuels, lower carbon imprint and to reduce global warming to below 2C at the Paris Climate Change Conference 2015.

Clean Energy Strategy

Dubai has gone the extra mile to implement this phenomenal decision. The Clean Energy Strategy is a key initiative of Dubai to become the world’s smallest carbon footprint by using renewable & sustainable fuel sources, thereby rooting out the power crises. It is an innovative breakthrough to tap the abundant solar energy, which could generate about 75% of the city’s power by 2050.To optimize the efforts, Dubai plans to install solar panels on all rooftops by 2030.

Dubai be powered by the Sun

Current Power Need

The rapid urbanization of the global business hub, Dubai with world-class architectural wonders and entertainment arenas, demands major power usage.

Currently all power plants in Dubai run on gas. The total energy Dubai uses every year from coal, oil, and natural gas, hydro and nuclear is dwarfed by the amount of solar energy hitting the earth each year.

Why Solar Power?

Apart from being cost saving (Yes, no electricity bills) and eco-friendly (no toxic fumes, no water pollution), why should solar power/ panels be used?


Unlike coal, oil, or any natural gas, Sun is a renewable energy source, which is always present, even on the cloudiest days. There is no way sunlight could be exhausted. Solar Panel now comes with the dark sky compliant feature that could easily marinate in sunlight & provide electric power during the cloudy rainy days.

Easy to Install & Use

The durable solar panels are easy to install anywhere with only basic wiring, nuts& bolts to hold it in place. The solar system comes with a battery backup so that even if the sun goes out, you will still have power for a couple days.

Lowers Costs

Solar systems use only low power electronic devices and home appliances. Since there is only one time installation cost involved, you can certainly reduce your utility bills.

Earn Through Solar

In addition, when you generate surplus power, then it is automatically redirected into the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) grid with the smart-meter crediting you against future consumption. When appropriate policy changes arrive, it may even earn you money!

Unaffected Domestic Security

With people generating their own domestic power, the risk of power shut downs during periods of natural/man made calamities is wiped out completely. You would be unaffected by the fluctuating energy prices, as you do your own independent power generation.

Dubai is a role model of zero wastage for all countries around the world. Every penny from the Dh150 billion, Green Fund is an investment to protect the resources and environment for the future generations.

It’s no wonder that the fastest growing desert city with over 2.4 million people, home to expats from over 200 nationalities would be the world’s smallest carbon footprint by 2050.Gear up for an empowered Dubai!

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