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Managing the most precious resource: Time

Monday, 27 April 2015
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A person's productivity is measured on how much he or she can do and achieve at a given period, and is one of the vital elements of life management. As much as this sounds quite significant for oneÔÇÖs life, letÔÇÖs deal with reality; productivity is all about effective time utilisation.┬á┬á

In a professional atmosphere, it is common for employees to feel a sense of urgency to complete their tasks. This is often caused by the fear of reprimand or generating the perception of poor performance by having pending tasks. Below are four ways to achieving efficient Time Management:

* Managing Goals: Goals are vital. ItÔÇÖs a roadmap to your ultimate destination. Without goals, one will wander aimlessly through life, haunted by the feeling of not accomplishing anything. A structured goal will steer an individual in the right direction and will help in focusing on accomplishing that goal.┬á

* Prioritise: Prioritizing is about knowing which task needs to be completed first. Well prioritising is half the job done. Since time is very limited, it is vital that a person sets his priorities first before anything else. That way, one gets closer to accomplishing his or her goals every single day. 

* Utilizing the Calendar: A calendar could do a trick that you may not. Whether it be a desk calendar or an electronic one, it is critical that a person utilizes it to its full potential. It is also recommended, if you have multiple calendars (Outlook, mobile phone, PDA, desk calendar), that all calendars be synchronized so as not to miss anything. Mark it, highlight it, scribble on it, doodle on it, but importantly, make use of it.

* Procrastination Management: Everyone has a tendency to procrastinate and, for some, it is a feeling that is very difficult to resist. Not to worry, itÔÇÖs a natural phenomenon for human species. However, for one to be a successful time manager, one must learn to resist the calls of procrastination.┬á┬á

Whether we realize it or not, Time Management is an invaluable skill necessary to live a quality life. Sometimes, you may also have to look beyond time management. Perhaps, the problem could just be with your watch!


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