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Payroll Solutions

Sunday, 15 February 2015
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From Sticky to ÔÇ£SmartÔÇØ - Corporate Payroll Transforms┬á

UAE Exchange shows you the way to transformation with its pioneering payroll solutions ÔÇö Smart Pay! Smart Pay adheres to governmental standards of regulation by following Wage Protection System (WPS). Government of the UAE, and Central Bank, UAE, introduced WPS to ensure elimination of setbacks in salary disbursals through stringent process streamlining, delivering thereby acute benefits to employees and employers alike.

Smart Pay continues to earn many credits and applauses; Smart Pay led the market in 2010 with its sheer performance in the volume of salary amounts released (results as disseminated by UAE Central Bank). 

Why ItÔÇÖs Smarter to Use Smart Pay┬á

For employers 

  • Implement a government-recognized payroll system┬á
  • Subscribe to a solution that employs superior technology for utmost speed and efficiency of information processing, and stringent data security┬á
  • Benefit from a solution with powerful features including:┬á
    • ┬áZero requirement for payroll account reconciliation
    • Easier processing of salary amounts with no claimers
    • Premium MasterCard member to ensure high efficiency of salary payouts
    • Flexible solution architecture for easier adaption to changes
    • Full-fledged guidance from well-informed personnel throughout your association with Smart Pay
    • Highly cost-saving┬á
  • Employ a payroll solution that has exceeded performance expectations continually┬á
  • Partner with one of the most trusted names in the world of financial business┬á
  • Impress your employees with ultra-professionalism and gain a competitive edge with Smart Pay!┬á

For employees 

  • Get salaries on time without any hassles┬á
  • Access UAE Exchange branches easily given the wide presence of the Brand in the UAE┬á
  • Obtain Smart Pay cards operable at UAE Exchange branches, and ATM points accepting MasterCard, to draw salary┬á
  • Draw cash using Smart Pay cards from Cash Dispensing Machines (CDM) installed at all UAE Exchange branches┬á
  • Avail multi-language capabilities of CDMs for effective guidance through salary withdrawal┬á
  • Forego encumbrances such as charges for salary account management and minimal balance maintenance┬á
  • Use Smart Pay cards on Point of Sale (POS) systems and purchase counters that accept MasterCard┬á
  • Benefit from insurance available till the point of salary release┬á
  • Interact with a friendly customer service team fluent in multiple languages for an enhanced Smart Pay experience┬á
  • Remit money immediately, if needed, through UAE Exchange remittance services available on spot┬á
  • Turn smart by utilizing the smarter way to get your salaries


To know more visit : Smart Pay


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