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Side effects of yoga, youÔÇÖll love to know!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018
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Yoga is much more than just a bunch of physical curative poses. ItÔÇÖs a soul healing process that lets you inhale love and exhale gratitude, the secret to a happy body, mind and soul.

Did you know that strong, real time (not virtual) social support and interaction increases the odds of you living longer by 91%?

Close, intimate and positive relationships have proven to have curative effects on people suffering from conditions such as cancer, stroke, dementia, depression, and diabetes. Several researchers have found that practising yoga facilitates and conditions the mind to be more optimistic and have a therapeutic effect on self and others.

Wondering what that means? Yes, yoga has quite a few side effects that can help you lead a happy healthy life. Read on to know more.

Calm your mind

Solutions become clear only when the mind is still. To hear intuition over fear, you need to first calm your mind. Yoga lets you tranquilise your mind, value your time, focus on inner reflection and carefully introspect in the stillness of your heart. Thus at the end of every yoga session, your mind is much calmer with a more optimistic perspective.

Unload negative baggage

Are you being a hostage to your negative emotional baggage carried on from your past? Then itÔÇÖs high time you heal your heart and throw out harmful emotions such as anxiety, fear and conflict from your mind space. Yoga helps you take a closer look at your soul and rewire your psyche in a positive way so that your mind becomes more open to relationships.


Become your own healer

Are you ready to unlock your hidden healing potential? Yoga empowers you to become your own healer. By curbing bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, and negating negative emotions such as acute anger and hostility, medical conditions such as heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure and elevated cholesterol can be controlled and healed slowly. This is apart from practicing appropriate yoga poses that helps create and release healing hormones in your body.

Fight insomnia

Did you know that chronic insomnia is associated with a 58% increased risk of death? It is also known to be the root cause of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, dementia and depression. Practicing yoga everyday fights insomnia and helps you have a sound deep sleep at night.

Improve relationships

Are you facing relationship problems at home or work? Then, it means that you need to be more mindful about your relationships. Yoga helps you to enrich and enhance relationships by being more mindful. People who practice yoga have shown traits such as greater compassion, increased ability to solve problems, greater resilience to stress, and unconditional acceptance of self and others.

In several alternate health care centers where yoga is practised, the patients say that after every session, in addition to the healing they receive, they are also able to access their feelings and express them without the fear of being judged.

What side effects did yoga have on you?

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