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Xpress Money flags off Eco-Everest Expedition 2012

Tuesday, 15 May 2012
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~Top climbers commence 58 day challenging expedition to clean Mt. Everest~


Kathmandu, Nepal: 11th May, 2012 -Xpress Money, one of the fastest growing money transfer companies in the world, in conjunction with Asian Trekking (P) Ltd ÔÇö a leading organizer of treks and expeditions in Nepal and Tibet, launched ÔÇÿXpress Money Eco-Everest Expedition 2012ÔÇÖ a unique clean up expedition on Mount Everest or Sagarmatha- the worldÔÇÖs highest peak.

This yearÔÇÖs expedition would be led by Dawa Steven Sherpa, Managing Director, Asian Trekking, Nepal, and Apa Sherpa, the world record holder with 21 ascents to Mount Everest. Asian Trekking has been conscious about the waste around the mountain and has so far conducted four successful expeditions from 2008 ÔÇö 2011.

Every year hundreds of foreign and local trekkers attempt to reach the summit. In addition, there are thousands of tourists who gather to witness the natural beauty of the mountain. The increasing number of climbers and tourists to Mount Everest are putting great strains on the fragile eco-system, resulting in heaps of waste from the base camp to the peak. The climatic changes has resulted in melting of the snow revealing the waste which has been hidden for decades including oxygen cylinders, tent and climbing equipment. The current expedition would focus to climb Mount Everest in an eco-sensitive manner and bring down waste from the peak. The expedition would use alternative energy solutions like the parabolic solar cookers, solar energies for lighting and the SteriPENs for water purification.

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Mr. Vinesh Nair, Vice President ÔÇö Global Marketing & Communication, Xpress Money said ÔÇ£Xpress Money understands the importance of conservation of the ecosystem and bio-diversity in Himalayas. The tie up between Xpress Money and Asian Trekking (P) Ltd., for Eco-Everest Expedition is an important movement for building sustainable livelihood of the mountain communities. This cleanup expedition would restore the beauty of the mountain and aid in awareness on the impact of climate change in this sensitive region,ÔÇØ he added.

Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa - Chairman, Asian Trekking (P) Ltd. said "The tourists arriving at Mount Everest from Nepal and overseas come with hope of experiencing the divine and the pristine feeling that one attains after witnessing the highest peak. We wish to restore this beauty of the summit for the future generations. This is our duty towards our country, ecosystem and Mount Everest,ÔÇØ he added.

So far, Eco-Everest Expedition has brought down over 14,000 kgs of garbage from Mount Everest for proper disposal. In addition, four bodies were also recovered and brought down for a dignified burial and funeral. Every year the collected garbage is ferried down to the Base Camp where it is sorted into biodegradable waste which is handed over to the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC). The non-biodegradable garbage is brought down to Khumjung for further disposal and management.


On 11 May, Mr. Vinesh Nair (VP, Global Mktng & Comm) handed over the Xpress Money flag to Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa (Chairman, Asian Trekking (P) Ltd) in Kathmandu!

With 50 more days left to complete the expedition, Xpress Money looks forward to a massive clean up of the Mt Everest by a team of brave mountain climbers.



3rd May 2012, Thursday:

Sudhesh Giriyan ÔÇö Head, Xpress Money Business and Vinesh Nair Head - Global Marketing & Communications, Xpress Money unveil the flag that will be carried to the summit of Mt. Everest by Climbers who are participating in the Xpress Money Eco Everest Expedition 2012, organized by Asian Trekking. The Expedition will undertake a 58 day journey to the top of Mt. Everest, collecting garbage and human waste along the way, in a bid to restore the natural eco-system of the mountains clean. The flag will be hoisted on top of Mt. Everest at the end of this expedition.

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Nepal is one of the top 20 markets for Xpress Money


Vinesh Nair is the vice president, global marketing and communication, of Xpress Money -- a UK-based remittance company. He was recently in Nepal to launch Xpress Money Eco-Everest Expedition 2012 -- a clean-up campaign on Mount Everest -- in partnership with Asian Trekking.

In an interview with Republica, he discussed the company┬┤s role in the Mount Everest clean-up expedition and company┬┤s experience in Nepal.

How much are you spending on the Everest clean-up campaign?
At this point, we are spending in excess of US$15,000. But we will contribute more if the need arises. We believe it is just the beginning and we understand what it takes to make the campaign successful. We are very committed to it and we want to continue this partnership.

Are you implying that the company plans to support the event in the years to come?
Yes of course. We have spoken to the expedition team here and we know the journey they have embarked on is genuine, worthwhile and very well-planned. Besides, the expedition consists of a team that is very experienced and the person who is leading the expedition (Apa Sherpa) has been to the Everest summit for a record 21 times. So we definitely intend to be a part of it in the future.

Let┬┤s talk about the company now. How do you see remittance market in Nepal?
Nepal is one of the top 20 countries in terms of revenue generation for Xpress Money. The county receives remittances of $3.5 billion per year. With an agent network in over 6,000 locations in the country and 26 agent partners onboard, we believe we bring a significant chunk of money to the country. And in the last four years since we entered Nepal, we have made significant inroads into this market. We see a promising future for Nepal.

But there is a huge competition in the market isn┬┤t it as there are experienced players who have been in the business long before you joined the race?
Yes there is huge competition. But we believe the reason why the company has been successful in just 12 years of its existence is that we have a clear roadmap. In 12 years, we have managed to expand our business to 135,000 locations in 125 countries and by 2015 we intend to be on every country on the planet. Besides, we have very clear product offerings, which include cash to cash and cash to account facilities. All the companies have those product line-up.

So what gives your company the edge?
Our biggest advantage is that we work very closely with customers on countries from where the money is sent and in the country that receives the money. This is because you need to understand what customers want. At the same time we also work closely with agent partners as they play a critical role in delivering the quality of service that the company envisages.

But at the end of the day everything boils down to cost isn┬┤t it, since most of your clients are migrant workers who cannot afford to fork out huge sums?
You will be surprised but many people are willing to pay a certain premium for certain experience they want.

Would you like to have your cash delivered at the time you want or pay little less and face a lot of problems?
You can compare our service charges with some of the biggest players on earth and our rates are far more competitive. That┬┤s why many customers are switching to Xpress Money.

You┬┤ve been in Nepal for four years. How is the business growing over the years?
We do not disclose the revenue that Nepal is generating for the company. But in terms of revenue and customer growth rate, it has been significant.

Any future plans for Nepal?
Currently, we are offering cash to cash and cash to account services. In future, we are planning to increase product offerings and introduce services such as mobile payment. We will be providing the platform to our agents to deliver these services, as our focus is on providing convenience to our customers.


AIBL launches 'Xpress Money' service


Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd (AIBL) has launched its 'Xpress Money' remittance service under an arrangement with Southeast Bank Ltd (SeB) at AIBL head office in the city on Thursday. Senior officials from both the banks and Xpress Money were present on the occasion.
Now the remittance beneficiaries in the country are able to get their money from any AIBL branch sent through Xpress Money.



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