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Is online money transfer secure? Think again!

Friday, 25 November 2016
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Transferring money online is getting very popular these days, as it allows you to send money within a few clicks on your laptop or a few taps on your smartphone. Though the experience may look rocky to the first-timers, once you're used to sending money using email address or a phone number, it will be really convenient.

But is it really safe? Did you know that when you transact online, you can open the doors to identity theft and fraudulent transactions?

The rate at which online financial frauds take place is really alarming. One of the contributory factor for the increased pace of these scams is the ÔÇÿon-the-goÔÇÖ lifestyles and the ÔÇÿat the click of a buttonÔÇÖ revolution. Banks and financial institutions keep churning out apps and online services that make enthusiastic non-alert users, a vulnerable target group.

online money transfer

Here are three reasons why online money transfer may not be always safe:

1. Some online portals may not be SSL & VeriSign certified, thus allowing hackers to steal personal data and credentials.

2. The online money transfer portal may not be audited on a regular basis.

3. Most people are unaware that their passwords have to be changed regularly and that the password saving options has to be switched off on their browser.

With, a UAE Exchange online portal for transferring money promptly, you can be rest assured of the safety of your transaction. Both, the online portal and mobile app uses the latest Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology that prevents any unauthorised person from accessing your account. This is done by encrypting all your data, activity and password. It is regularly monitored by Norton Security to keep your information safe and confidential.

As part of its security feature, also offers transparency in transactions as you get to monitor transactions as they happen. This way you can have better control over the remittance procedure. Security features are interwoven into remittance delivery modes as well.

So, when it comes to sending money through, you can sit back and transfer money with peace of mind, anywhere across the globe.

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