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Smart Pay Advantages

Thursday, 01 September 2011
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Benefit to Employers:
- Complies with Wages Protection System (WPS) of the UAE Ministry of Labour and the UAE Central Bank
- Highly flexible Payroll processing module
- Technologically advanced and faster process with high level of confidentiality and security
- No account reconciliation for payrolls
- Refunds and reprocessing of unclaimed salaries made easy
- Offer virtual accounts for employees
- Principal membership with MasterCard for payroll solutions
- Professional Relationship Management and assistance of Relationship Officers
- Flexibility of adding new employees in the payroll with minimum hassles
- Cost-effective

Benefit to the Employee:
- Unmatched network of payout points & easily accessible UAE Exchange branches
- Salary loaded to employeesÔÇÖ electronic payroll cards
- Zero balance and partial salary withdrawal facility
- Withdraw using MasterCard enabled payroll cards at MasterCard ATMs
- Shop by swiping on POS machines at MasterCard approved merchant locations
- Withdrawal using UAE Exchange Cash Dispensing Machines which support eight languages
- No account maintenance fees and withdrawal fees at UAE Exchange pay points
- Prompt monthly cash payment at camps
- Insurance coverage for the salary up to the point of disbursal
- Onsite remittance facility
- Customer service centre with multi-lingual support staff

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