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Tackle your payroll nightmares, smartly

Tuesday, 17 February 2015
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Is salary payment a nightmare for you every month? While it is interesting and exciting to watch the business grow, when the number of employees grows with it, payroll management becomes a daunting task. Tedious paperwork, errors and backlogs haunt you out of peace. As you struggle on your way through, your employees may suffer with inconsistent and erroneous salary payment. So the situation is definitely not an advisable one for both parties.

As United Arab Emirates (UAE), in the past 30 years, witnessed great development on the economic front, many businesses mushroomed and employee base increased phenomenally. With the increase in manpower, authorities felt the need to streamline salary disbursal process which will reduce inconvenience to both employers and employees.

Towards this the UAE Ministry of Labour and UAE Central Bank together came up with a unique solution called Wage Protection System (WPS). This award-winning initiative was equipped to streamline salary disbursal issues. As per the GovernmentÔÇÖs vision it was mandatory for all corporate entities to be registered under WPS and to comply with its regulations, which protected the interests of both employees and employers.

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