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Oman UAE Exchange optimises security with GKB

Tuesday, 24 March 2015
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UAE Exchange is one of the leading exchange companies in Middle East. The company is a shopper's stop for the exchange of all the major world currencies and remittances around the globe. The Brand's presence is felt in more than 30 countries with over 700 direct offices in 5 continents through its associate, UAE Exchange. Oman UAE Exchange has been bestowed with the Super Brand status consecutively over the years for five years from 2009 to 2013 in Oman. GKB, a specialist manufacturer in CCTV and IP surveillance, has successfully secured the Oman UAE Exchange, one of several significant projects ongoing, with Al manthry Security & Safety Services LLC, GKBÔÇÖs golden partner in Oman.

GKB has kicked off the year with the success of completing the Oman UAE Exchange project. Since the Oman UAE Exchange is a major currencies circulating facility, instant, accurate and stable surveillance is a high requirement due to its particular status.  In order to meet the needs of viewing high resolution close-up images, installing in expanding branches, scheduled time backup recordings and central managing platform, the Oman UAE Exchange has adopted the GKB SDI DVR and HEM platform to migrate and expand their existing surveillance system.

In this expanding branches project, there are GKB HD 1331 and GKB HD3835 cameras installed to enhance the security at the offices. For the central monitoring room, they chose the GKB RH1618 and HEM platform to manage recording hierarchically.

With the GKB HD 3835 special camera lens, close-up viewing is enabled during quick cash exchange movements. Furthermore, the overall environment can be secured and monitored by the GKB HD 1331.

The GKB HEM platform performs high compatibility between different categories of cameras to optimise hierarchical management and customised backup settings. The GKB team provided the GKB RH1618 and HEM platform at the central office which allows them to effortlessly obtain daily recordings from every branch, as well as to automatically backup the logs from branches at scheduled time frames. Such group management assists users in classifying and identifying cameras easily and authorises the access for different sub-users by authorised admission only.

"By adopting GKBÔÇÖs hardware and software solution, the corporationÔÇÖs newly installed cameras in expanding branches can be easily managed without limitation of time or space." A comment from a spokesman of the UAE Exchange, Oman, according to reports from GKB.



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